User-Generative AI Helps Hundreds Of Consultants Complete Tasks Efficiently At Top Boston Enterprise, New Study Proves

A new study is shedding light on a unique aspect of generative AI and how the technology is being used to assist hundreds of consultants arising from a leading Boston Enterprise.

The study arising from Harvard further delineated how people were able to carry out a wide array of tasks at a swifter pace and at the best quality when compared to those that weren’t making use of AI technology.

Furthermore, the study showcased how the lowest of those performing in this group attained the biggest gains when making use of Generative AI.

This research was carried out by a long array of data scientists from MIT, Harvard, and even Wharton. It’s one of the first ones of its kind and really puts out the real use of generative AI in any organization since the mindblowing success linked to this public release. The latter caused a huge uproar among top organizations in terms of how to make the most of it for better performance.

Today, most trials use GPT-4 technology and that’s because it’s so commonly used and is therefore deemed to be the strongest language model out there. Moreover, the research highlights some important aspects in terms of how a business functions and how they should deploy the technology.

Clearly, the fact that there is a way to better the performance of top consultants by nearly 40% using this technology is massively impressive, the study’s lead author mentioned.

This particular research was rolled out nearly nine days back so the public would review it. However, it failed to get the right kind of attention beyond the educational world and respective social circles.

This study is one of the newest and biggest that confirms how the world of generative AI is going to have the right kind of impact in terms of productivity of the working sector. Similarly, the study also highlighted how there is a major issue that outlines this ordeal and that’s linked to being aware of tasks carried out with ease by AI and those that are beyond the technology’s scope and capabilities.

The frontier continues to shift what AI systems are capable of and that just adds more difficulties for firms to choose what type of AI and when it should be employed. Moreover, the study also highlighted two trending patterns regarding AI use by a company’s technology and top consultants.

This particular research is one of the first of its kind being conducted at this level among top professionals who deal with tasks on a routine basis. A total of 758 professionals were taken into consideration from this firm.

On an average basis, workers performed at least 12.2% more tasks than those who did not make use of Generative AI models. And 25% of all work was also done at a swifter pace than normal, the study proved. Similarly, 40% better quality results were seen in comparison to the group designated as controls who didn’t have any access to such a model.

The performance was enhanced on every level and it was a point worth noting for obvious reasons. Moreover, the study also showcased several baselines regarding every participant and it showed how they were performing on so many kinds of tasks where GPT-4 technology was not used.

All researchers asked respective consultants to perform a wide array of work for the firm to really take a closer look at what tasks were done accurately by this particular BCG team so the findings did represent a reality of the world of consultants.

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