Researchers Raise Alarm As World Sailing Championship Attacked By Scammers On Facebook

The recently held World Sailing Championships came under attack after scammers united on the Facebook app to offer fake offers linked to live streams conducted for free. And as a result of that, it fooled so many people into giving out sensitive account details, unknowing of the risks attached.

This is certainly becoming a norm on social media and that’s why researchers from the NCC are now raising the alarm after calling out the actions in the form of a public service announcement.

Expert officials from the NCC mentioned how people shouldn’t be falling for such fake scams that call for live streams on Facebook. Moreover, they’re found in all nooks and corners and even if we do end up blocking it at a fast pace, new ones tend to arise.

We’ve got all kinds of scammer links on Meta’s popular app that are affiliated with live streams. And different kinds of online fraud. They trick users in a manner that makes them fall into the trap of pressing on malware links that lead them to false live streams on the app.

Most people fall into the trap of fake incentives like winning a reward or a cash prize of some sort. Along the way, they’ve got zero idea that their personal credentials are stolen along the way and malware is spread in all directions. Similarly, engagement is done alongside other malicious endeavors such as passing on disinformation and other types of conspiracies.

One particular case worth mentioning was a scam rolled out that put alluring views linked to nautical action in perspective. This was in the form of the trending yearly sailing contest that took place in August of this year.

All of these fake links came with enticing images related to sailing boats that passed along the Dutch water. And when you do click on it, you end up with details getting stolen and phishing arising.

Therefore, if you happen to be a fan of sailing, there is a clear warning being put out for you to benefit from. Moreover, you can easily turn into top prey for the fake posts being circulated on social media. Some victims are so naive that they’re easily targeted by criminals who are out there to steal their personal details and gain illegal benefits.

Some of those links are generated by random users while most others arise from robots and more that fall for fake links with the hope of watching an entertaining episode of sailing taking place live.

What they are not aware of is that two minutes of sailing can cost them big time including complete hacking of their accounts and personal assets with credentials. Moreover, the scam seems super convincing after dodgy links come into play. But it’s concerning how the level of it appearing legitimate cannot be denied. And that is what’s scary and helps to better the success of these criminals at large.

One of the reasons for their success is linked to the fact that it mimics actual live stream portals and makes use of logos, various hues, and even a long list of layouts while moving along.

To avoid such scams from coming forward in the future, the NCC is now raising awareness for the public to benefit. So the next time you see something similar, you’re on alert and will always think twice before pressing on a link and taking part in a shady form of a live stream in the future.

H/T: Livesaildie

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