Telegram Inches Closer To Taking On WeChat’s Super App Strategy

One of the world’s most popular messaging apps is all set to get bigger and better after adopting a strategy of success as seen with the popular platform WeChat.

That means saying hello to the approach linked to formulating a super app, as revealed by insiders.

The company which currently boasts 800 million users who are active on a monthly basis seems to be getting one step closer to taking on the new and innovative type of ecosystem that we find to be awfully similar to WeChat.

Some components would similarly be decentralized, taking assistance from the company’s crypto collaborative partner, alongside the parent firm of WeChat.

The firm has been really doing its absolute best in terms of allowing developers from third parties to come forward and make the most of this endeavor. Be it games, cafes, and more- there’s so much that can be devised through the app, and also gives rise to greater chances of improvements and engagement along the way.

As the company mentioned in its own terms, developers may make use of JavaScript to produce all types of interfaces that work in a flexible mode and are launched on the app itself, known as Telegram Mini Apps. Therefore, they have the capability to take the place of all websites as well.

To create this super app endeavor, the tech giant currently places emphasis on several infrastructure partners whose roles are well-defined in the world of tech as well as the crypto domain. That includes TON which puts out the blockchain framework of the platform and similarly functions independently.

We also saw the firm reveal how it was going to forge a new partnership alongside Tencent Cloud where it would enhance more services to come face to face with TON’s requirements like specific bandwidth and more.

For instance, the app has plenty of games designed on it which can benefit from this type of gaming solution as well as reference situations. All projects are designed upon TON and it would provide a long list of approvals that would ensure the right discounts and credits in place through such a program.

We’re really seeing Tencent pick up the pace in terms of expansion overseas. This is really something striking, considering how slow China’s tech sector has been in terms of growth recently.

It’s been bustling big time and has made a huge name for itself across places like tech conferences and expos too. Therefore, we can see it really attaining further success after this collaboration with Telegram in today’s bustling and competitive market. But that’s only provided that we see success pave the way for Telegram, similar to how it did with WeChat and its super-app design and technology.

WeChat has really reached new heights of success as the leading app model in places like China where it powers close to millions who attain all sorts of services. Common examples include payments, delivery of goods, taking on rides, e-commerce opportunities, and even renewing important documents like your driver’s license.

China’s users are in love and call it the epitome of all apps. And the fact that Telegram has its own decentralized network, this tiny ecosystem really can reach bigger spectrums for all types of users around the globe.

For now, it’s not exactly clear as to which figure of developers among those in charge of WeChat will be able to cater to the huge needs of Telegram. Moreover, the fact that Telegram is blocked in the Chinese nation seems to be another hurdle.

Whatever the case may be, it’s going to be fascinating to see what happens next.

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