Threads Is Working On Exciting New Features That Are Sure To Bring More Users

The never-ending unrest on the X platform has so many people dipping their toes into other apps from where they can get their news. And that’s why we’re seeing platforms like Bluesky witnessing a surge in terms of subscriptions too. Slowly and surely, we are witnessing a rise in traction, including those arising from niche-specific groups.

And while we do see the condition for X not massively changing, anytime soon, places like Meta’s Threads are trying to make the most of this opportunity and find a specific niche in this particular media sphere.

But to make the most of this opportunity, it would like to include more features and would want more updates coming forward too. And we’re seeing it really come to par with the competition.

The team at Threads has worked so hard and there have been plenty of functional additions in the work. Therefore, it would motivate more people and generate better interest in this particular X app, sources have added.

For starters, the Threads platform really wants to fix edits and it’s something that should have been added by X a while back but they simply refused for so long. But we saw last year in October as the month when those who paid for the Blue subscriptions were going to get more benefits including this. Therefore, Threads is also taking the initiative and following in X’s footsteps with something very similar.

You can now edit posts within a certain timeframe after this is published. As can be witnessed from the example, thanks to the mobile app developer Alessandro Paluzzi, editing for Threads is allowing a countdown so users can add edits to the new update.

While Threads is only giving out a 5-minute window, that for Twitter/X users currently stands at 30 minutes. And only recently, this was doubled to 60 minutes. But remember, only if you pay would you be able to benefit, the firm adds.

Such edits that come with time limits will make this process so much simpler to manage through such a database. Similarly, it would take into account the chance to better edit content that’s shortform in style.

Much of the concern that Twitter had with adding edits that were full term and without time limits is that it gave rise to the chance of altering a post in a manner by which the meaning would be flipped and that’s not fair, especially when some kind of content went viral. So their justification related to the matter makes sense.

As one can imagine, Meta also has this genuine concern and fear that Twitter once had and they vowed to take that into account. But even with the five-minute restriction, we feel something is better than nothing. Don’t you agree?

In other news, we’re seeing Threads launch a new feature where users can shift from one profile to another, in-stream. And if you want, you can do it again, every time you wish to post things from alternative accounts.

A recent example regarding this was posted by one social media expert who proved how Threads would like to include another Add Profile feature so that different Threads profiles may be included.

This way, you can switch between both of them, similar to Instagram. And that is a huge sigh of relief for those people who manage various accounts related to brands.

Last but not least, the app is on the verge of enabling users to get rid of their Threads Profile in a manner that does not affect their presence on the Instagram platform. Moreover, this was a leading concern of so many people for so long during the initial stages when the platform was launched.

So to have that fixed would be a major plus point to get back users because no one wants to feel bound to one platform because of the fact that it’s linked to another which they probably enjoy using.

Many users had a huge outcry for this, leaving Adam Mosseri with no choice but to pay heed and give in. Clearly, it’s a wise decision. What do you think?

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