Instagram Is Rolling Out A New Location Feature For Chats Soon

It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that in today’s day and age, messaging applications are packed with so many features that it’s hard to keep tabs on what to expect.

Thanks to a hacker who just went public with Instagram’s latest endeavor regarding location sharing for chats, we’re getting a lot more insights into how the platform is trying to provide its loyal users with great security.

The decision comes a short while after we saw tech giant Apple put out a similar offering for iMessage on iOS 17. But this is not the only thing that the app is up to these days. Moreover, the platform is working hard in terms of really adding greater innovations that are designed to ensure chats are flawless and more engaging.

Coming down to location sharing, it’s all thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi who is known to be a great social media enthusiast. He unveiled the offering that has now entered the beta version. The news has really generated a lot of chatter as well as speculation regarding the whole tech community.

As one can imagine, users of the app sent out their reactions and they were not all positive. The feelings on the subject were totally mixed and while some viewed it as a major innovation, others pointed out that it resembled other similar offerings by arch rivals, including iMessage by tech giant Apple.

The Cupertino firm has just launched a new update for its iMessage and that includes the chance to have users’ location shared. This is a rollout that many found to be super useful. Moreover, tech giant Meta also appears to be on the same path. But that is certainly not the first time that we’ve seen Instagram include more features that enhance its chat service.

Let’s give you an update on what’s going on in the world of social media so far in terms of making the chat experience so much more worthwhile and feature-rich.

We’ve got broadcast offerings for content creators where they can publish as many messages as they want featuring pictures, polls, text, and even reactions.

Then there are music previews that enable you to share bits of a track from leading sites like Amazon Music, Spotify, and even Apple Music. This way, you can hear them through a chat directly.

Then there are Silent Messages where you can send texts without any alerts by making use of the @silent tag.

If you wish to enhance your chat threads for a skilled and personal vibe, you can take on board Lo-fi themes.

And then you are allowed to even put out polls direction through your group chat for added convenience.

Those who always wanted to reply to texts while searching on the web can do so without ever leaving the feed. At the same time, posts can be shared with close pals with a single click and hold-button.

Users can even see who is online from their inbox’s top and see videos with close pals while being engaged on a video call.

For personalized chat experiences, alter your background using different hues and themes. And to add some color and creativity, why not include selfie stickers or boomerangs for fun engagement during your chatting experience.

Last but not least, you can get all kinds of animations, better message controls, and altered settings for chats and messages.

Today, Instagram is really leading the pack in terms of figures for the number of users who actively use the platform on a monthly basis around the globe.

To better understand the picture, the figure from 2021 spoke of 2 billion users, and that made it the world’s second-biggest app, just trailing behind Facebook. But the real point worth pondering upon is how it outpaced some leading competitors such as TikTok and even Snapchat.

In conclusion, we’d just like to say that the platform’s latest rollout for sharing the location of users is certainly a smart endeavor and one that’s designed to ensure the whole chat experience is your one-stop location for the best user interactions.

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