Apple Reduces Dependence On China As Company Shifts iPhone Production Worth $7 Billion Into India

Tech giant Apple is moving full throttle in terms of its plans to reduce its dependence on China. The latest development on this front is linked to the company shifting iPhone production worth a staggering $7 billion out of the country and in India’s direction.

Officials claim the plans are to strike the $40 billion target in the next couple of years so that most manufacturing is done out of China, as confirmed by an unidentified official today which was a part of a new report.

Apple has been trying really hard to reduce China’s role as its main manufacturing location center for quite some time now. But thanks to the pandemic that took the world by surprise, the leading iPhone production plans really did suffer greatly.

To be more specific, the sudden disruption linked to COVID-19 reportedly cost the firm a whopping billion dollars every week and as you can imagine, the company was not happy in this regard.

Then we saw the likes of India as being the country’s top hope in terms of relocation out of China. Meanwhile, a report that was generated in the past year also showed how one-fourth of all iPhones may be generated in India as early as 2025. Similarly, another one hinted at how we could see the figure rise further for more than 50% of all devices produced by the year 2027.

We also found how one of the company’s leading iPhone assemblers also started to work on constructing two more iPhone plants in the Indian nation. Therefore, new incentives by the government hint at how iPad production may start over there soon.

Thanks to this new report by Bloomberg today, we’re hearing more on this front and how the tech giant is really bringing up its production in places like India by increasing figures by up to five times so that it reaches $40 billion. This would be highlighted for the upcoming five years as per reports from government officials.

The same source also spoke about how the firm managed to cross figures of the $7 billion production that arose in the past year. Moreover, in that very same year, we saw the total costs for iPhone production in India hit the $191 billion mark. Therefore, it meant India was given a tiny fraction of the overall output.

But now, the latest on this front is how the Cupertino giant wants to work harder on this front and really ramp up production to new highs as the ongoing tensions taking place with China continue to peak.

The new figures are still much less than what the previous estimates had mentioned.

The tech giant began producing the iPhone 14 in 2022 in India, just a few weeks after it was rolled out. The same trend was also observed this year too, as iPhone 15 production continued to peak.

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