Can Meta Survive the Social Media World as it's Threads Facing Uphill Battle Against X

What is the point of rivalry between two apps where there is no tough competition? In the ever-competitive realm of social media, platforms rise and fall faster than celebrity fashion trends. The recent wild ride of Threads, Meta's attempt to dethrone X (previously known as Twitter), is an enthralling tale of digital survival. While Threads is working hard to develop, the early hype surrounding the site appears to have died down, leaving many to wonder about its future in the social media jungle.

In your opinion, which app would survive and which would surrender? Or will there be more competition seen yet? Despite this apparent slowness, Threads retains a sense of fascination, and its usage stays stable despite the absence of several critical features that users eagerly awaited. During his weekly Q&A on Instagram Stories, Instagram's CEO, Adam Mosseri, recently provided a brief update on Threads. He discussed the app's issues as well as the techniques the Threads team is using to improve its performance.

According to Mosseri, overall, Threads is performing satisfactorily, with a substantial user base. However, user engagement falls short of their ideal frequency. Some users employ the platform extensively, while others adopt a more conservative approach, indicating that there is room for improvement.

This estimate is consistent with third-party reports, which indicate that Threads users spend only six minutes daily on the app. This is a considerable decrease from the 21 minutes per day recorded immediately after the launch of Threads. To put it in context, Elon Musk reported in May that X users spent around 31 minutes per day on his platform.

While Threads has a large user base, it still trails behind in terms of functionality, making it difficult to predict its future growth or decrease. Mosseri indicated five significant areas of concentration for the Threads team to overcome these challenges:

Messaging: The team is working hard to make communications more user-friendly. This could imply a tighter connection with Instagram's messaging capabilities, providing users a smoother experience. As it works to establish a consolidated app inbox that consolidates Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp chats into a single platform, Meta appears reticent to add yet another independent messaging service inside its large Family of Apps.

Improved Discovery: Threads presently significantly rely on a user's Instagram activity to discover their platform interests. However, because Instagram and Threads serve distinct functions, this strategy may not produce the optimal outcomes. Instagram users often follow a variety of content, such as brands, celebrities, and memes. Threads users, on the other hand, prefer industry profiles, influencers, and text-based content. Threads needs to recalibrate its algorithm to improve engagement to cater to this unique user base.

Enhanced Recommendations: The software struggles to deliver personalized recommendations, frequently suggesting generic profiles that may not match the users' preferences. Threads' algorithm has to be fine-tuned further, learning from user engagement data to provide more accurate suggestions. However, this creates a chicken-and-egg problem because the algorithm can only improve with more usage.

The Edit Button: Mosseri underlined the need for an edit option in response to user comments. Threads is actively working on this functionality, which would provide users a five-minute window after publishing to amend their posts. While the exact release date of this feature is unknown, it satisfies a long-standing user need.

EU Access: One notable limitation is that EU residents cannot yet use Threads. As a result, the platform's prospective user base is limited. Mosseri cited upcoming rules that Meta is working on, implying future accessibility for EU users.

Threads distinguishes out as one of the most promising and extensively embraced Twitter alternatives in a congested landscape. While Mastodon remains complicated for many users, Bluesky caters to a particular audience, and other options such as Post, Pebble, and Spill are on a smaller scale. Threads is still evolving, and it has the ability to carve itself a distinct niche in the crowded world of social networking.

Meta's commitment to refining Threads suggests that they are not ready to throw in the towel just yet. With careful adjustments and continued development, Threads might still surprise us all and become a force to be reckoned with in the social media arena.

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