American Lawmakers Call For Greater Child Protection Against AI Misuse

American lawmakers are having their say regarding the misuse of AI in the country and how children are deemed to be the group posing the greatest risk.

The news has a group of attorney generals arising from 50 US states who are now calling upon Congress to come forward and see how AI may be utilized to get children exploited. There are similarly more calls being made for innovative ways to crack down against such behavior.

The best plan outlined so far has to do with the creation of a commission by Congress regarding the use of AI and its dangers for kids. This would cover all of America and shed greater light on how AI abuse is taking center stage with children being the latest victim of the endeavor.

In simple terms, the number of cases that have entered the spotlight regarding this matter has been plenty and it’s about time someone made the effort to combat the matter.

So far, the attorney general has praised Congress on the efforts made on this front to keep AI in check and ensure misuse of the rapidly growing and popular technology does not arise.

For now, the latest laws on this front have to do with stopping child exploitation on the web but authorities want the law to only be specific for AI misuse across various industries in the country. Only then can we expect prosecution against such crimes to arise.

As mentioned in the past, AI has the ability to use people’s location, copy their credentials, impersonate audio, and generally produce a deepfake that is very hard to combat. Moreover, the letter outlined how scammers are faking incidents involving kidnapping and extorting people through sexually explicit actions too.

It’s a very serious matter that requires immediate attention. Acknowledgement of such crimes is equally a unique endeavor seen here and it’s being done via platforms such as Photoshop. And while the act was restricted to a few in the past, AI is allowing it to expand to the masses at a quicker pace than what anyone may have expected. And the end result is dangerous for citizens as it provides abuse on an expanded level.

As authorities reveal, it’s a race against time and every moment counts. So Congress needs to act so prosecutors can do a better job at keeping kids protected at all times.

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