Facebook Is Struggling With Fake Accounts And That’s Now Taking A Toll On Innocent Bystanders

Fake users are an issue that Meta’s popular app Facebook has struggled with for years. And you’ll be surprised that despite all of the efforts made by the company, thousands are still expressing dismay.

The tech giant may have been forced to get rid of users that are greater than the size of four planets. But whatever the case may be, it’s still struggling with the battle that doesn’t plan on ending, anytime soon.

The issue is that innocent bystanders are getting affected big time, and they claim that frustration has reached a whole new level altogether. After all, not getting timely support from the company can be a huge turn-off for obvious reasons.

Thanks to reviews seen on apps like X and other places, we saw how users complaining about hacked accounts or disabled ones are only told to express patience. And it’s really getting on their nerves. But how much is too much? Is there a solid solution in place or not?

Today, the latest statistics on this front have the app getting rid of close to 27 billion accounts dubbed fake. This is since 2017 and it’s still going strong. But that brings us to a series of important questions.

How accurate is the company in terms of identification and what is the real reason behind such a deletion too? We are yet to get the right response from the company, despite many respective inquiries being generated. Moreover, the lack of support is causing negative reviews to surface which obviously is not great for Meta.

Overall, the app has a trusted review ranking of just 1.5 stars and close to 1.8 stars on pissedConsumer.com. So as you can imagine, people are not happy. And if you search on the X platform you’ll find a unique and new story from users each day about how people just aren’t getting the right kind of support that they need.

The support team is not only slow but people feel they’re not competent. It can sometimes take months before the right response is generated to them via mail. And the patience that so many people have is running out.

We agree that a few bad reviews will not harm the app, considering it has a monthly usage of close to three billion active people. Yet, experts feel it’s about time that something was done to really shake up the admin because it’s been going on for far too long.

Some experts feel that the company's firing of so many employees has negatively impacted its already poor client service for many people. Did we mention how the app got rid of its support for those more privileged or those managing certain communities or groups?

During Q1 of 2023, we saw the app get rid of close to 426 million accounts designated as deepfakes. This total is the lowest we’ve seen in the past five years. Before that, we saw the figures rising in the billions category.

However, experts claim the changes in metrics alter in the most unexpected of ways thanks to how unpredictable the world of technology and social media can be.

On so many occasions, real accounts get hurt along the process. And it’s they who are suffering and feeling left out. What’s their fault? The fact that they are loyal and not involved in negative activities? This should not be the case.

Getting caught up in this turmoil of Facebook’s fake accounts is worrisome because the company suffers from access to good communication channels. This worsens matters and has people feeling helpless when there’s no one out there to assist. No one wants to be left alone in the dark. Why should you wait for weeks to get something done when it should take seconds?

This combined with the not-so-great appeals process of the firm is definitely annoying when you’re lined up with other frustrated users having the same sentiments as you and praying for their misery to be over.

As far as why Meta is such an easy target for deepfakes has to do with how popular it is around the globe. It has a limited amount of barriers to gain access. Above all, you can make accounts with sheer ease.

Clearly, the company has a lot of work to do and the war against such fake bots is far from over. But we can say it’s a struggle that even apps like X, previously known as Twitter, have been forced to deal with.

Elon Musk really struggled with his debate in terms of calling Twitter out for having one fake account too many. Now, under his leadership, new stats prove that the figure for bots keeps increasing, while others speak of Musk’s own questionable increase in followers.

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