New Study Sheds Light On The World’s Deadliest Places For Journalists

Journalism is never an easy field to belong to and the painstaking efforts that some professionals take during their job to get the right news and coverage across audiences is mindblowing.

A new report by Reporters Without Borders and Statistia is shedding light on the world’s most dangerous places for reporting and we’ve highlighted the details in this regard for you below.

The end of August is a dark reminder to us all about how many journalists have been arrested, kidnapped, or tortured while trying to bring stories across. This is because it's a global day to remember victims who disappeared under forced circumstances. This is either done by targeted groups or the state as a whole, leading to a very controversial issue. And not a lot of people acknowledge the matter in detail.

Most experts claim it’s done to silence opposition taking place and also to spread terror across the board. But in this report, the specific figures for media workers were announced that disappeared in the past 20 years. Moreover, as per reports from RSF’s database, a whopping 165 media workers have disappeared since the start of 2000. This entails anyone that’s a victim of disappearing forcefully including anyone that disappeared through the hands of groups that aren’t state-related.

Syria happens to be the country where the most journalists disappeared, and that’s close to 33 as a whole. Most of that incidents took place between the years 2011 to 2013. Moreover, five more were reported as disappearing since 2019. So as you can imagine, the incidents are certainly alarming.

As far as second place is concerned, Mexico is believed to have had the second greatest figure for media professionals that disappeared around the globe. Out of those 27 individuals that disappeared, 25 of those were reported to be ongoing cases. And as reported by the RSF, Mexico is also deemed to be deadly for media personnel when compared to all other destinations around the globe. So far this year, four people have already been killed.

Coming down to third place, it’s Pakistan. Figures claim that 18 journalists have mysteriously disappeared while a lack of detail was put forward in this regard as to what may have happened to them.

The incidents could be linked to terrorist organizations such as the TTP while some speak of joint efforts coming into play by the Taliban who are not known to be friendly toward westerners. And in fourth position, it was Yemen where 11 journalists have disappeared with again, a lack of detail provided on the matter but terrorist activity does seem to be at the forefront in the nation.

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