Google Claimed 60% Of Advertising Share Revenues In 2022, New Study Proves

It’s been more than two decades since we saw search engine giant Google enter the market and revolutionize the way users surf the internet.

Since then, it’s been the main gateway or entry point in accessing the World Wide Web, assisting close to billions of users. The search engine helps them navigate and provides them easy access to a plethora of information that’s present on the internet.

We agree that plenty of alternatives have arisen in the past including the likes of Lycos and AltaVista. But when it comes down to more recent options, it’s Yahoo. DuckDuckGo, and even Bing who are taking center stage. But whatever the case may be, no one has ever come close to Google’s dominance, giving it the status of a monopoly for obvious reasons.

But why is Google unchallenged? The answer is simple. It’s the best at its game and its constant strive to get better with advancing time is also worth a mention.

The period has also been very profitable for both Google and its parent firm Alphabet, not to mention the company’s investors. They’re making big bucks, thanks to the great popularity these search engines surround.

In the past year, we saw the Android maker generate revenue worth a staggering $160 billion, all thanks to ads alone. This linked search with Alphabet in much of the same manner that we link iPhones to tech giant Apple. So it’s the product that lays down the framework for the firm’s success that doesn’t seem to be disappearing, any time soon. And today, it’s worth an estimated value of a trillion dollars.

Thanks to the latest estimates and insights from Statista, the company scored 60% of the worldwide estimates for advertising revenues arising in 2022. That’s a huge share, leaving just 15% for the second position holder which was the Chinese firm Baidu. In third position, it was Amazon with a 14% market share.

Those still wondering how a firm like Amazon entered the search engine market, well, the organization is actually making millions through ads, thanks to keyword advertising. This in combination with paid searches on the app that are becoming a part of the integral definition when we think about the term search advertising.

But kudos to Google for taking the lead and maintaining it for years.

Google Takes Lion's Share of Search Ad Revenues

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