EU Gets Ready To Give Startups More Access To Its HPC Supercomputers For AI Model Training

The EU is speaking about a new plan that is designed to provide greater access to its HPC system of supercomputers so that startups can benefit.

There is no question that those startups who are chosen would be the most responsible ones of the lot and the benefit would be to allow training of their AI models through the innovative resource.

But the catch does exist here. This has to do with startups wishing to get access to the European Union’s highly charged computing resources.

This currently includes some pre-exascale and petascale supercomputers. Obviously, these would require the right kind of governance.

If you remember in the month of May, the European Union mentioned how it had the right plan in place to ensure rules were being implemented regarding the application of AI. They hoped that in a few years, they would be able to have the framework in place and everything would fall perfectly in place.

They did not wish to rush into the application of AI in all sectors and also felt the right kind of regulation was lacking in this domain.

Now, more work is being done on that front and the rules are under consideration by legislators of the EU. Soon, we’ll see it getting adopted. Moreover, the goal seems to bridge the legislative loopholes as so many nations work on making better AI regimes.

The AI governance strategy entails plenty of perks as well. They are making it easier and more accessible for startups to use HPC for AI training.

The plan is not entirely new. It’s linked to building on a policy that’s already in existence. And that includes how the industry cannot get access to such supercomputers.

Now, it’s being tweaked so that those who are more responsible and reliable can make the most of it.

Remember, the EU is very skeptical about allowing anyone and everyone to make use of AI and it fears the tech industry might mold itself into something that’s hard to regulate, thanks to the superpower that AI is affiliated with.

Meanwhile, other concerns have to do with the risk of the human race becoming extinct thanks to AI. Moreover, a recently conducted speech spoken by the head of the EU had him going on and on about how the tech world might be progressing faster than developers imagined.

So as you can tell, this is definitely a huge achievement that’s worth mentioning.

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