Search Results On TikTok Now Include A Snippet And Link To Wikipedia

If you think TikTok users are just treating the platform as a source of entertainment, then we’ve got news for you.

The younger generation in particular is actually making use of it like it was a regular search engine. Therefore, you’ll see them search for anything and everything under the sun. This could be cafes located nearby, the latest trends, current affairs, and more.

For this reason, we’re also now seeing the app’s search results produce responses that reflect such a shift.

It was very evident that the platform was silently putting snippets from Wikipedia to some pages to get search results for individuals, locations, and the most happening events. They even found Wikipedia links inside those search results such as the holiday season and celebs like Taylor Swift.

A spokesperson of the app was seen speaking to The Verge recently where they mentioned how a collaboration with leading firm Wikipedia was on the rise. This would help put out the right kind of data to users through the platform directly.

You’ll be amazed to learn how the feature has been up and running for quite a few months but it does not seem like the firm made any kind of formal announcement regarding it. Similarly, we did not see news about the media publishing any story related to it either.

The rollout pops up when you scroll through the app’s search section. And you’ll find it amongst your respective video content.

After clicking on that particular snippet, the user is directed to Wikipedia immediately, while you’ll find links related to this hop off to different sections on Wikipedia.

You must remember how entries on the Wikipedia domain aren’t showing up in a consistent manner. There happens to be some kind of snippet for this and some people are even speaking about viewing them in various other languages. And Russia isn’t an exception.

We have seen over time how the app carries on adding more search functionalities like these that are less in your face when compared to how Google Search behaves. In the past month, it started to monetize the results by adding sponsored content to all the organic videos.

Then we saw a partnership take center stage when IMDb explained during the year’s start how creators can now include links for movies, shows, and more in their own videos. And that’s why you’ll even find such IMDb links popping up in the Search.

This is why search engine giant Google seems to be a little scared. It is now acknowledging how the app and similar platforms might eat up its search market share. And that’s its real bread and butter.

As it is, it’s struggling with Google Maps as more and more people are resorting to other social media platforms when they want to know a location or what’s trending as compared to using Google’s useful initiative.

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