Pinterest Showcases Its New Ad Tool And Creative Option Lineup At Its Virtual Event As CEO Pledges For A Safer App For All

Pinterest is really making leaps and bounds of progress as recently showcased in its virtual event.

The company is really going the extra mile in terms of adding new functionalities through which it feels users can benefit. And that includes the unveiling of its latest ad tool lineup, alongside some more creative options.

There were so many products to rave about and one of those was the Showcase Ads which happens to be the latest option that users can use to make ads. Similarly, we saw the company talking about a new collages tab too.

Hence, we’ve rounded up the main pointers for our readers below.

For starters, you can say hello to the new Premiere Spotlight advertising units that can be found in more than one place on the platform. Moreover, at the start, the Premiere Spotlight allowed brands to own their own Search page on the platform. And that really provided it with the best kind of placement, rising straight to the top.

Now, users will be given the chance to benefit from ads of a similar size that could be used for the feed too, giving a huge advertising opportunity for this platform.

We can see how such an endeavor is going to be booming for those who are in search of launching new products as it gives them a first-hand opportunity to engage with audiences and let them see what’s on display.

You might use this to publish any kind of manual or guide to be used in a product or produce an explainer to ensure a better understanding of a certain element. Similarly, quiz ads could be used to ensure the best engagement arises by motivating more and more people to put out the right questions.

Additionally, the app will launch the ability to include direct links, other than the usual deep-linking on mobiles that we’re already witnessing. The latter was launched in July of this year and has been deemed to be very helpful in terms of users getting the right kind of engagement.

Now, this new addition is being seen as a great chance to help get more traffic on a certain website. After all, they direct the user from one Pinterest advertisement to another retailer’s webpage, through a simple click of a button.

Other than that, the platform has big plans to include integrations for Salesforce Commerce and Adobe Commerce. The former and latter are native apps that make it so much simpler for businesses to manage the Pins which can get shopped as it displays the various kinds on the platform.

Lastly, we’re hearing more about how the Pinterest app is working on giving users a better platform for managing their businesses. This would be for agencies as the company works to enhance advertising performance by revamping it.

Pinterest started its virtual event after the company’s CEO came forward and pledged to a healthier and safer user in-app experience so that all can benefit.

He spoke about how the rates of mental illness were on the rise and the younger lot were more affected than others. Therefore, he wanted to make it a point how the company is working on bettering users’ emotional well-being.

Furthermore, it was interesting to see how he pledged that if the app failed to stand true to its promise of fulfilling its goals and promises, then it shouldn’t work with them. And that really touched people’s hearts as ad revenue is a huge means by which the company makes profits.

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