Elon Musk Reduces The Election Disinformation Workforce At X By More Than Half

Elon Musk is making some more mega changes on his X app and that includes firing more than half of his workforce who were functioning to keep election disinformation at bay.

The news comes after the social media giant vowed to carry out an expansion of the team, right before the upcoming elections that were scheduled to take place next year.

A total of four integrity team members working in the election domain were removed from their official positions in Ireland and that includes the leader of the team as well. This was first reported by The Information on Wednesday.

Moreover, the changes are proof that worldwide cuts will cause the team to further reduce to less than 50% in the North American region. And clearly, Elon Musk does not seem to mind.

When we saw Elon Musk purchase the Twitter app in 2020, there were close to 23 employees in the election integrity domain who continued to work globally.

Moreover, as per this report, there are three workers who are yet to be unnamed. And now X executives feel that their role and function in Europe was no longer needed and that’s why they would be making the cut.

Then in May of this year, we saw the tech billionaire and CTO of the firm mention how he would be dropping out of the EU’s Code of Practice on Disinformation, right before he rebranded Twitter as X.

Meanwhile, other leading apps including Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, Microsoft, TikTok, and Google have all vouched to follow the massive 27-nation initiative that would censor any kind of misinformation taking place regarding election news.

For now, all of the obligations continue to remain. The Europe’s Commissioner added how people can run but they will not be able to hide. Moreover, it’s interesting how all of this was mentioned after the app opted to abandon this code.

He further shed light on how disinformation continues to be a legal requirement under the DSA, as mentioned on August 25. And for that reason, Europe has its respective teams ready for scrutiny and enforcement, the commissioner further clarified.

No matter what, these reports regarding the evidence of the huge cuts arising due to the election integrity don’t seem to be a major deal as confirmed by the company’s CEO Linda Yaccarino.

She was quoted in the past week by media outlet The Financial Times as mentioning how X was making plans to expand both safety as well as elections from all over the world. And ever since he bought Twitter last year in October, we are all well aware of his erratic firing sprees.

After the major $44 billion buyout, he got rid of 80% of his workforce, and that in itself raised plenty of questions in people’s minds.

Whatever the case may be, critics are now interested in seeing the final result of this ordeal in terms of election disinformation on the app.

Photo: Steve Jurvetson / Flickr

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