Bill Gates Says Planting Trees Won’t Reduce Climate Change While Laying Down More Ideas On How To Better Tackle The Issue

Bill Gates has made it very clear how he feels about the methodology countries are using to tackle climate change. According to him, planting trees is far from what is needed to better keep the worrying problem at bay.

The billionaire was very clear about how he felt the matter could be tackled, including how he wished to be spending his huge dollars in a manner that would really make a difference to the environment.

The news has people buzzing for all sorts of reasons as we’ve been hearing for years how more trees need to be planted to make a difference.

Bill Gates says he was asked by the NYT during the recently held Climate Forward Summitt how he felt about the steps required to keep the carbon footprint at a bare minimum. And that’s when he mentioned that planting trees is not the solution.

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Moreover, he even went one step further to explain how this strategy lacked proper evidence and was far from what was required to ensure carbon emissions were minimal.

Referring to the ordeal as one that’s less proven and complete nonsense, the news did take some critics by surprise as clearly, he was not joking.

Bill Gates added how it’s sad to see so many of us being experts in science but not using our brains to solve an issue that’s been at its peak for so long with drastic consequences of such actions on the rise.

It was even more surprising to see him mention how idiots might believe this solution is the right now but if you think straight, it’s definitely not the answer.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Salesforce also chimed in to have his say on the issue. He was applauded for allocating a whopping $300 million to plant trees so as to solve the climate change issue. But as expected, these statements coming from Gates didn’t make him happy and he took major offense.

He even went one step forward and made a call to the NYT and opted to criticize Gates for making such statements in the press.

Moreover, he referred to it as a tirade and wondered what got into Gates that day to mention such things with full force.

For starters, we all have to start from scratch while we similarly need to plant one trillion trees, he explained.

We have seen Benioff be super outspoken regarding climate change and the role that the corporate sector plays in keeping things under control. And that includes what he feels is the right way to go about the situation to get rid of carbon footprints that are at an all-time high right now.

He added how important it was for firms to focus on sequestering carbon that they happen to be creating. This was spoken to him in 2019. Similarly, he says that this method is not hard and can be done with ease. And as expected, he’s been a huge promoter of planting trees.

According to him, it’s a simple action that doesn’t require much time and resources with proven results. Furthermore, he quoted how nearly 205 gigatonnes of carbon would be broken down for every trillion trees that were planted.

New research proves how planting trees does in fact make a change in the ongoing climate issue. But at the same time, it’s super important to preserve forests as well. Again, that’s not the only way to go about the situation, the latest research adds.

Just to cover 10% of emissions of carbon that is produced on a yearly basis, the whole US would need to be covered by trees. And that's nearly impossible.

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