Apple Under Fire For Forcing Employees To Remain Silent On iPhone 12’s Radiation Levels

The launch of Apple’s much anticipated iPhone 15 may have occurred with a bang but it appears that the tech giant might have some more serious things to deal with.

The company is currently under fire after France ordered a complete removal of iPhone 12 devices from market shelves after huge concerns about the device exceeding the radiation standard levels arose.

This means all products have been recalled. And while the leading iPhone maker disagrees with the vast allegations brought up in front of it, other countries are uniting with the French nation to express their dismay against Apple.

Meanwhile, the allegations don’t stop there. New reports are talking about how the company is even asking its employees to remain silent on the matter and what the radiation levels for the product in question actually are.

Now the question is that Apple’s silence regarding the radiation concerns is even more worrisome. And thanks to a recently published article on Bloomberg, we’re seeing the company hush its support team members when customers are questioning what sort of risk such radiations can have.

They are being told to simply blurt out a uniform saying that includes, we’ve got nothing to say or share on this matter. Yikes, how’s that for a very troublesome and equally frustrating situation?

Similarly, they were even instructed to boldly refuse the return or exchange of the product, just two weeks after it was bought. And as you can imagine, that again has people talking.

The article highlighted how those requesting if the device is safe, to begin with, will be provided with the uniform reply that each model is carefully curated and produced after thorough safety protocols.

But one leading French regulator thinks otherwise. They have published their stance on the matter and how the radiation levels are beyond the acceptable limits for exposure. Meanwhile, the country’s own telecommunications minister sent out a warning to the tech giant to roll out a new software update that would reduce radiation levels put out by the device. And if that does not occur soon, the ban will continue.

Obviously, the Cupertino firm is claiming that this is false and that each product passes through a series of tests and safety guidelines to ensure users are protected at all times. They also mention how a certification of this is also provided.

What’s interesting is how the organization just halted the iPhone 12 after the launch of the iPhone 15. However, the French nation is expressing concern about those who may have already purchased the device.

Another twist in the matter is that while the tech giant tries to cope with the allegations subtly, other nations are gearing up to unite with France and express similar allegations. This includes the likes of Germany and Spain.

Meanwhile, a regulator from Belgium even went to the extent of publishing a new report that speaks of the growing health risks related to such a device.

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