France's iPhone 12 Sales Quandary Reveals a Shocking Twist

In an unexpected plot twist, France has cast a shadow of doubt over Apple's iPhone 12, instructing the tech behemoth to cease its sales within the nation due to concerns regarding excessive electromagnetic radiation. It's a narrative that has taken an unforeseen turn.

On the regulatory front, the French oversight body, tasked with vigilant radio frequency monitoring, has delivered an astonishing performance by not only demanding a halt to future iPhone 12 sales but also insisting on resolving any existing radiation-related concerns about these devices. It's a dramatic climax that keeps us all in suspense.

The ANFR (French National Frequency Agency) does not, however, stop there. They've written the following scene: either fix the radiation issues with a software update or prepare for the possibly Herculean process of recalling every iPhone 12 ever sold nationwide. It's a significant turn that could send shockwaves through the tech industry.

But, before we get too deep into this suspenseful story, let us pause to hear the voice of reason, as personified by the WHO (World Health Organization). They've taken center stage to reassure us there's no reason to be concerned about mobile phone radiation.

According to their script, there exists simply no tangible evidence to suggest that low-level electromagnetic fields pose any threat to us mere mortals. It's akin to the calm preceding the tempest in a gripping thriller.

Let's revisit the past for a moment to set the stage: the iPhone 12, unveiled to the world in September 2020, has enjoyed considerable global acclaim. However, in this unfolding drama, France assumes the lead role.
Apple, known for its tenacity, will not be outdone. In response, they have told the media outlets that they intend to challenge the ANFR's assessment. They offered laboratory data from recognized third-party sources and their own in-house experts. According to these findings, the iPhone 12 follows regulations with the zeal of a well-behaved character in a courtroom drama.

Apple maintains vehemently that the iPhone 12 is globally compliant with radiation laws. Unexpected plot twists are part of the journey, as is common in any fascinating narrative.

France's digital minister, Jean-Noel Barrot, has issued an ultimatum to Apple - they have a mere fortnight to respond. Failure to do so could culminate in the recall of every iPhone 12 unit currently circulating in the country. It's a showdown where the rules apply indiscriminately, even to digital titans.

This is where the story takes an exciting turn. France intends to share its results with regulatory agencies across the European Union. If this starts a chain reaction, it has the potential to spark a continent-wide narrative.

Consider the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) to investigate the ANFR's issues. This statistic assesses the level of radiation. The "membre" check, which examines when the phone is in close touch with your body, such as when it is in your pocket, is one of the scenarios under consideration. The SAR limit in this region is a modest four watts per kilogram. However, in this case, the SAR of the iPhone 12 measures an incredible 5.74 watts per kilogram, exceeding the specified limit.

But there's another scenario where your phone may be a tad further away, perhaps in a bag or jacket pocket. In this instance, the iPhone 12 adheres to the regulations.

This gripping drama unfolded the same day Apple introduced its new iPhone 15, injecting an unforeseen twist into the tech world narrative.

As we wait for the next part of this tale, it's worth noting that the Chinese foreign ministry has also weighed in, denying media allegations that government offices have prohibited their employees from using iPhones. According to China, no laws, regulations, or policies prevent Apple's products from being used. It's like a subplot in a worldwide drama, with surprising twists and turns occurring in every part of the globe.

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