X's Latest Updates on Privacy for Premium Users and Expanded Profiles

Isn't it cool and exciting to get updates on your favorite apps more often? Well, X, formerly known as Twitter, has unveiled two significant updates aimed at enhancing user experiences on the platform. Let's delve into these developments.

Privacy for X Premium Users

A new feature for X Premium customers provides an additional degree of secrecy. Premium users can utilize this functionality to conceal their likes tab from public view. The likes tab will be removed entirely from an X Premium user's profile when enabled.

This update aligns with X's efforts to cater to its paying subscribers, as the platform seeks to attract a broader user base. Notably, X's advertising revenue in the United States has seen a decline of 60 percent, making it imperative for the platform to explore avenues to incentivize premium subscriptions.

Premium membership, which starts at $8 per month or $84 per year, not only gives customers access to new services but also the coveted verified blue check mark. Aside from the benefits, the ability to hide their likes may appeal to public personalities and politicians who want to keep their interactions on the platform private.

Given past incidents where public figures faced public relations crises due to their public likes, this new feature could become a valuable tool for those who want to manage their online presence more carefully.

Expanded Profile Bio Section

X is testing an enlarged bio area in order to provide users additional opportunities to express themselves or advertise their businesses. This new feature enables users to include more detailed information in their profile, which visitors can access by clicking on a "View more" prompt beneath the first bio summary.

This expanded bio section offers ample room for users to elaborate on their company's mission, share personal mission statements, or even publish life manifestos. It's an opportunity to offer greater context to their online presence.

This upgrade also hints at future improvements, such as the merger of items such as shops, job listings, and geographical information into a more extensive information panel. Such enhancements could increase engagement and connect users with others who share their interests.

Furthermore, this development aligns with X's broader strategy of introducing long-form content to the platform, extending its reach beyond its traditional short-form content format. X has already introduced longer posts and longer video uploads to encourage users to create more original content.

While it remains to be seen if consumers will appreciate long-form material on the platform, X's stats indicate that user engagement, as measured in "cumulative user-seconds," has reached all-time highs this year. This suggests that X's change to long-form material has not negatively influenced user engagement.

In conclusion, these updates mark X's commitment to refining its platform to meet the evolving needs of its users. Whether offering privacy to premium subscribers or providing more space for users to express themselves, X is continually working to enhance the user experience. These changes may well be steps toward realizing Elon Musk's vision of turning X into a comprehensive "everything app."

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