YouTube Tests New Features Designed To Enhance A Video’s Learning Value

YouTube is experimenting with some new features that are created to enhance a video’s learning value.

The popular video-sharing app will be highlighting some integral concepts that would be a part of the content that's more informational in design while giving out useful data regarding particular elements to better users’ understanding.

Such systems are designed to offer valuable lessons on particular subjects while helping users better gauge information through rollouts like diagrams and descriptions among others.

The app was seen speaking about how it’s busy testing a number of important concepts that are a part of academic-based content, whereby more data on the subject would now be up for grabs. This could be in the form of snippets or pictures that are seen on the app in real-time.

The lineup sounds awfully exciting and would be first experimented on a limited number of English videos linked to matter that’s taught in the classroom. For now, it’s limited to only mobile phones and restricted to a few testers who watch YouTube regularly.

It’s quite similar in design to another kind of experiment that the company is playing on Search that makes use of AI technology. This puts particular terms in the limelight inside descriptions. Moreover, it also provides more context in relation to such terms.

The initiative is that such learnings act in supplementation through a description and would assist in saving individuals that open windows and platforms. Similarly, they make users move away from the actual content in focus so it ensures they’re fully knowledgeable of the descriptions put in front of them.
We can see this turning into something that’s awfully useful and time-saving for those using the app for things like research.

The experiment is very new and limited at this moment in time and is only going to pop up for content that’s educational. Hence, don’t expect it to be awfully common online right now but the future seems bright as the app includes more elements along the way for a better learning endeavor. And in case some creator is not interested, they can choose to opt out of it.

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