YouTube Is Making Some Exciting Changes For Creators And Here’s What You Can Expect

YouTube is known for being ahead of the game in the tech world, listening to users’ feedback, and actually going the extra mile to bring changes to the masses.

This week is no exception as the app is working on some more exciting features worth a glance. For starters, the app is doing its best to initiate its comment filters on Studio. So the platform says it’s testing some of the similar filters in the comments section for its creator community on the main app.

This is designed to assist creators to find and respond to comments on the app which may have been a difficult task to engage in the past. For now, the test is limited to a few individuals but if you happen to be a part of the experiment, you’ll see a small number of filters arise when watching your own videos on the main app. They will usually pop at the top of the comments feed, near the existing options such as top comments.

The feature is designed to help creators generate a response to comments that they may have missed or are yet to respond to. Similarly, comments arising from any members or public subscribers would also be a part of the list as also the Super Thanks comments.

The new filters are only visible to the creator’s video and can’t be seen by viewers. Therefore, the app is now asking the masses what they think about the endeavor and is requested to provide feedback relating to it as well.

Last but not least, as you might already be aware, the app only accepts HEVC and that protocol leads to the uploading of videos with higher resolution. Now, the app is excited to announce that most creators will be given the chance to stream higher quality AV1 videos having lower bitrates and that would translate to better-watching experiences for users on the app.

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