Apple’s iPhone 14 Becomes Top-Selling Smartphone Globally In Q2 2023

The latest DSCC report is highlighting the success attained by tech giant Apple recently after its iPhone 14 became the world’s top-selling mobile phone during the second quarter of 2023.

The device managed to reach a whopping 15.3% of the overall revenue share and the news was certainly taken as a welcoming surprise by the Cupertino firm. And the reason why is linked to the fact that it beat out another popular variant which happens to be the Pro version of the iPhone which is known to sell in greater figures due to popular demand, when compared to its non-Pro counterpart.

The iPhone 14 which possesses a screen comprising 6.1 inches managed to achieve greater sales for the iPhone 14 Pro Max which took on 10.7% of the total revenue share during Q2 of this year. When compared to the iPhone 14 Pro design, we saw the latter attaining a 9.2% of share.

This is a clear representation of the absolute reverse in figures that we saw take center stage during Q1 of this year where the iPhone’s 14 Pro Max version turned out to be the top seller in the industry.

Furthermore, we’ve got experts claiming how clients really did opt for the Pro models because they felt the features were much more exclusive and trending including the breakthrough camera comprising 48 Mega Pixels, and the Dynamic Island ordeal, not to mention its display that remains on at all times.

As a whole, the OLED device’s shipments were seen rising by 4% QoQ and 1% YoY. Moreover, the firm continued to take the lead with a staggering 32% share, which was down from the 39% witnessed in the previous quarter. In the second place, we had tech giant Samsung which held a 23% market share with its product.

Another point worth a mention was the iPhone 13 which despite being two years old ended up in second place for the rankings among several models that held on to the 11.1% share. This beat out the latest 14 Pro Max variant too.

The report shows that the current demand for iPhone 14 models that continues to exist in the market might be slowing down with the masses and that’s a clear point to remember as people make way for the latest iPhone 15 variants to be launched soon.

The iPhone 15 is all set to make it make with an even bigger lineup of exciting and innovative features when compared to previous models.

This past week, we saw reports regarding 6 CPUs as a feature worth waiting for while cores would comprise 6 GPUs that run close to 3.7 GHz.

No matter what declines come its way, iPhone maker Apple still remains at the top of the smartphone market when it comes to OLED models. Nevertheless, we still cannot deny the fact that people showing greater interest in the iPhone 14 base model means people are keener on variants that are lower in price than anything else.

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