Top 10 List Of Countries That Publish The Most Mobile Games

Mobile games have grown so much in terms of popularity over the years that it’s hard not to mention how much this industry has grown in such a short span of time.

Be it the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you’ll find all sorts of games taking center stage and also receiving some great responses too from mobile users. But did you ever wonder which countries lead the pack in terms of mobile game publishing?

If the answer is no, well, we’ve got the leading statistics for you, thanks to data from App Intelligence. Furthermore, if you’re guess is the US then remember it’s just one of the many. Hence, let’s count down the top ten game publishers in descending order.

For starters, the figure for online games on the app stores has crossed the 746,000 mark. Moreover, 70% of them can be found on the Google Play Store while the rest can be downloaded from Apple’s leading App Store.

The huge difference is linked to Apple’s stringent review process that immediately rejects any game that fails to fall into its stringent checklist of authentic apps. This means saying goodbye to clones and those emitting that low-quality vibe that Google may not pay attention to as much.

Top publishers from the US are at the top of the list, accounting for a massive 33% of the majority of games in these places. For now, it’s not just the US that is taking the lead but it’s also the sole nation who has a share arising in double digits.

In second place, it’s no surprise that China is taking the lead with its 5% share. Today, the majority of mobile games that are coming out are owned by Chinese firms and they also similarly target their own market, over anyone else. However, that does not mean their global appeal can be ignored because it’s still there.

To complete the top five roundup, we’ve got countries like Japan, Germany, as well as Russia who publish the most games on the mobile app stores. As a whole, these top nations make up 48% of the games coming out of both app stores.

In case you happen to be curious as to how quickly these games get published, well, let’s shed some light on just that.

Last month, we saw both app stores welcoming a whopping 17,000 of new games which happens to be the biggest figure for new releases coming out each month in 2023.

Around 4500 of the games arose from makers in the US while the rest arise from other global publishers where Germany took the lead. It managed to roll out a massive 440 games.

For a while now, previous trends regarding viral success proved how apps were leading the pack and games were far behind. Now, however, the opposite stands true and while apps may still be in the lead, the way mobile games are getting fame and success cannot be denied.

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