Which Nation Is Most Concerned About User Data Being Misused Online? This Study Has The Answer

It was way back in the year 1991 that we saw the world’s first webpage make its way on the internet. Today, after nearly 30 years, we’re seeing the Internet serve close to 5 billion individuals while the worldwide penetration figures for Internet usage have reached close to 64%.

And while we agree there are truly so many benefits linked to the online world, we certainly cannot miss out on the fact that greater connectivity arises with further risks. This entails phishing which is the crime committed when attackers are on the verge of attaining private data. Some examples include credit card numbers and bank account details that arise from criminals launching fake emails that end up impersonating firms or individuals, just to attain their own personal gains at the expense of others.

At the same time, you have cases where a breach is attempted and the database gets leaked entailing some personal details for issues linked to identity theft or some serious scams that utilize credit cards.

Now, we’re seeing a new chart take center stage that unveils how so many countries are worried about data getting misused online. The report comes to us thanks to Statista who conducted a survey in this regard to enlighten us all about what’s taking place globally and what sentiments users have about the matter.

This is where we saw that out of the selected nations, there was a greater percentage of those having Spanish ethnicity that held the greater worry at 56%. In second place was Chile at 50% and then in third was Mexico at 48%.

On the other hand, the report showcased how one-third of those taking part in the survey had concerns on the matter from America, South Africa, and then the UK. The figures were quite similar for all these nations, respectively standing at 27%, 28%, and 28%.

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