Not Everyone On The Planet Makes Use Of ChatGPT, New Research Proves

After the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool, we’ve seen the revolutionary endeavor take over the tech world faster than its makers may have imagined.

And that probably leads most of us to incorrectly assume that every human being on the face of the planet is making use of it or another similar AI venture for a wide range of purposes. This could be related to writing essays, generating plans for home renovations, planning your next travel journey, or simply adding a major degree of automation to your job.

But wait, let’s not get too carried away. The latest study from Pew comprised a poll to gauge how exactly the famous language model compares in terms of popularity with the masses. And to many individuals’ surprise, it’s not as famous as one may have envisioned. Hence, if you always considered it to be a threat to human existence or a feature that might replace you at your job, well, think again.

The recently conducted poll proved how ChatGPT continues to achieve mindshare gains. However, just 18% of American citizens are actually using it. We agree that it varies demographically too with men in the 18 to 29 year age bracket and those attending college are more liable to using such systems. But even in such groups, we saw the figure go up to 30 to 40% maximum.

Whatever the case may be, it’s taking place at a remarkable pace, considering that this technology wasn’t ever considered or spoken about in the past year. Moreover, you never get two-thirds of the American population hearing things about something newly launched in the tech world like phones or gadgets. So clearly, this was news, considering the time span.

In the poll, a lot of respondents spoke about entertainment being a major use for the AI tool while others spoke of using it to learn things for professional reasons like innovation that they’ve never heard about in the past.

A lot of users are using the tool now to gather knowledge about fields that they’re not familiar with. And as you can imagine, the world is so diverse and new happenings are popping up in all shapes and forms, not to mention different domains.

Meanwhile, those people who claim they’ve heard about the popular tool did say the launch severely impacted a long list of software engineers in the industry. Other fields affected included graphic design and journalism/media. Overall, the feelings were mutual about generative AI as a whole and not specifically ChatGPT, the research adds.

As a whole, just 19% of those who happened to be employed had heard about the tool and how it may potentially affect their work in a negative manner. Meanwhile, 27% spoke of having little to no effect.

In other news, a recent polling analysis spoke of researchers mentioning how people generally had a negative mindset regarding AI and its role in everyday life. So many individuals claim AI really ended up making them concerned, keeping the excitement aside. And the deeper they dived down into the subject, the more worry and fear they had about the AI subject.

This is generally in line with the overall sentiments that people have regarding AI technology. People aren’t sure about it because they don’t know what will happen. And that really puts most of us in an uncomfortable situation because the unknown can be unpredictable sometimes.

Who knows, maybe with time, things can change for the better when ChatGPT gets known and is used by far more people in different parts of the world.

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