WhatsApp Tests New Feature That Allows Users To Add Multiple Accounts On A Single Device

WhatsApp is reportedly conducting trials for a new feature where users can add several accounts on a single device.

The feature is currently in beta and is solely for Android users right now, designed to give ease and convenience across the board to those who use several accounts.

It’s a feature that has been in demand for quite some time now but it appears the company has finally given in to the thousands of requests being made.

This was initially spotted by beta users of WhatsApp Business who noticed it last month. But now, we’re hearing more reports about how regular users that don’t have Business accounts are also seeing the offering that is a part of the app’s latest Android beta version.

Those users that have several accounts’ access and support would soon witness the arrival of an arrow that’s close to the QR code feature in their Settings tab on the app. After they click on it, you’ll see the arrow give rise to a new card that displays all of the accounts that you’re logged into at the moment. In the same way, you’ll see an option that allows you to include more accounts.

Such features are designed to allow the platform’s users to attain a lot of flexibility in terms of handling both work profiles and those designed for personal use. At the moment, users of the app can only use a single account at any given time on their Android phones.

This new offering is solely restricted to beta testers only right now so we’re not seeing any wide release for the time being. It’s also noteworthy to mention how Google Play is no longer accepting any more candidates interested in being Beta testers as the capacity is full currently.

The platform is busy creating new features that have arisen in the past few months such as creative avatars, silencing mode for unknown callers, and even alternative options for voice calls too.

Furthermore, we’re seeing the platform also launch two innovative video calling offerings such as Screen Sharing as well as support for its Landscape Mode.

Through screen shares, users can share files, and images, and even plan entire trips. Similarly, you can online shop with your friend by your side at all times, among others.

There is no news as to when we’ll see the multi-account feature launch for Android users as it’s still in testing but we’ll keep you updated.

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