TikTok Takes Firm Stand To Protect Users Against Cyberbullying With The Launch Of Its ‘Comments Care Mode’

Leading social media platform TikTok is doing whatever it can to help curb cyberbullying and its latest initiative is proof of just that.

The app is reportedly working on launching a new rollout by the name, ‘Comment Care Mode’ that’s designed to offer users protection against those trying to bully them online.

The news was first highlighted by social media expert Jonah Manzano who took to his account on X to detail more about it further. With the help of screenshots, viewers can see how the feature gives TikTok users access to the endeavor through the Settings tab, where it’s found as an option in the Comments section.

Designed in an attempt to better verify such data, the Comment Care Mode offering is not up for grabs on the web yet but it’s on the mobile app. Moreover, the effort seems to arise at a time when critics have been concerned that many social media platforms including TikTok are just not doing enough in terms of making the environment a safe place for all.

But the thought of the initiative is definitely one that many see as a positive step for obvious reasons. The rates of cyberbullying are currently at an all-time high. You’ve got all kinds of apps including YouTube, TikTok, Snap, and Meta’s Facebook having trouble curbing crime and protecting users who are vulnerable.

It’s definitely a proactive mechanism and one that’s very effective and may entail providing alerts to users regarding the long list of offensive comments before they’re posted in regards to them.

The app realizes that cyberbullying brings about some awful consequences including poor self-esteem, and depression, and can even lead some toward thinking about ending their lives. And recent stats have proven that over the last decade, the figures continue to rise with no signs of stopping.

It’s more true for those young kids who go to school as it affects their development that leads on to adult life. And such users make up a huge chunk of the platform’s user base.

But what exactly does this new feature allow users to do? Well, through the Comment Care Mode, they can control who says what in the comments section for each post. This is through the process of filtering any hurtful comments. And after it gets activated, it would hide comments through automatic means that it sees as going against the app’s community guidelines.

All the filters would depend on a three-factor criterion, as the screenshot for the post on the X account revealed. And as we all are well aware, such systems are never perfect. However, this feature is designed as a means to decrease the probability of insulting comments from popping up in anyone’s feed.

For now, we’re just waiting for the popular social media app to launch more details on the rollout via an official statement. Therefore, we’ll keep you updated whenever that happens.

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