ChatGPT In The Hot Seat As Google Search Exposes Hundreds From The Academia World That Used The Tool In Their Research Papers

For months, we’ve been hearing about ChatGPT serving as a threat to the academic world. It was to such an extent that professors were forced to change the formats of assignments and tests so as to ward off students from taking the AI tool’s assistance.

Now, a new report is shedding light on Google exposing hundreds more who made use of the tool to submit their research papers. And it’s shocking, to say the least.

Making use of AI tools to assist with your writing is a new way to present your ideas in today’s time. While some may resort to fixing grammar, others are using the language model to publish huge findings in the world of science. And what’s interesting is that there’s so much software out there that detects AI, yet the number of publications isn’t in decline.

It’s actually academic cheating and not a lot of people realize that. All you need to do is head on over to Google Scholar and see a long list of papers entailing fragments like ‘As an AI language model’ and that’s it.

If you’re used to using the tool, you’ll know immediately how that’s the classic reply one gets when the AI model can’t exactly produce the information you’re in search of. And seeing the statements in big scientific research papers at such a frequent rate is beyond concerning. After all, what happened to proofreading and making sure things being published were actually factual and made sense?

If the research was only about copy-pasting from another source, then why is anyone even bothering in the first place? Today, you’ll be amazed that these papers aren’t only published by the students themselves but by actual professors with high degrees and qualifications. And that’s really raising eyebrows in the world of academics.

What example are we setting for the future generation of tomorrow? Clearly, there’s a lot of regulation required as things are going down the drain, really fast.

For years, so many universities have had the right software embedded into their systems that detect plagiarism. But seeing the growing threats linked to ChatGPT is quite new for all. Here, text produced through AI can bypass plagiarism because it produces new content. And that’s what makes this an even bigger threat in the online world.

The problem has a lot to do with the fact that those that actually work hard and long hours to get their publications are being stepped over by someone else using AI technology to do the same. And even if that’s the case, the evidence that’s being put out there is filled with errors and inaccuracies and it’s about time someone took notice.

Each research gets cited further on along the way so we’re basically setting up generations with fake knowledge that has never been gone through by the authors themselves. Yet, they’re taking immense pride in claiming they’ve done so much work with this research study that is filled with inaccuracies.

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