WhatsApp Is Working On A New History Sharing Feature And The Chance To Create Groups Without Naming

Popular texting platform WhatsApp is always on the search for more ways to better functionality. And we’ve got the latest updates for our readers below in this regard.

For starters, the platform is working on incorporating a new recent history-sharing feature where users’ texts would be shared through automated means after being sent to the group. This would be applicable 24 hours before another new member arrives in the group.

But the latest feature is believed to be accessible for all group admins after it’s released as a part of a future update on the platform. After getting activated, members would receive alerts inside the group chat.

We feel such an endeavor is definitely going to go far in terms of serving the most useful purpose for members of a particular group. In case you didn’t know, each time you join groups, the context usually isn’t understood too well for those texts, especially if an old text is added before any individual turns into the group’s member.

Moreover, similar problems arise whenever a person receives invites about joining the group in private, and a few texts are generated before getting the chance to accept invites.

But with this new feature launching, you’ll get the opportunity to read those texts that get shared before joining groups. And that’s only when the permission feature was activated by the group’s admin members.

This feature that’s designed for sharing history is currently in the development phase. And it’s going to be up for grabs as a part of a new update on the platform. But we will surely keep you updated on that particular front, whenever it happens.

In other news, the platform is working hard toward launching another new endeavor where users can make groups without the necessity of adding a name.

We’re all well aware of how choosing the right name can be daunting and in the end, some random emojis get allocated for the sake of saving time and effort. But with this new offering, you’ll no longer be under that pressure.

Small group creation can now be easily done as confirmed by CEO Zuckerberg today. But the only limitation here is that it’s restricted to those having just six members as compared to the usual limit of 1024.

Additionally, the platform is going to generate placeholder names through automated means for any groups without an identity. It would now depend on who the members are and accordingly, you can differentiate your chats. So it all is linked to how a certain individual has contacts’ saved on a group and therefore would be unique for everyone involved. Very rare would anyone have the same name stored for a certain individual, adding a unique sense of individuality.

Whenever you make plans to join a group without a name with members whose contact details you may not have saved yet, the groups would then highlight your own phone number as the heading.

As you can tell, this means such a rollout by the platform is reserved for those with established friends, loved ones, workers, and others as compared to strangers.

We can expect the feature to be launched as early as the next couple of weeks. This would be for global users as recently unveiled by the media outlet TechCrunch.

Clearly, WhatsApp is really making the extra effort to save its users’ time while adding sheer convenience with such an offering. And we know it’s going to be loved whenever the rollout occurs. So do stay tuned for that.

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