The Creator Economy Might Be Booming But New Study Says 51% Of Them Are Making Less Than $500 Each Month

Just when you thought creators were trending in today’s digital world comes a new study about how they might not be making as much as people assume.

Thanks to the popular marketing platform called Mavrck, we’re hearing more about how some creators are earning way less than most of us can ever imagine. And that’s striking news because considering how much hard work and effort goes into the ordeal, we’d never be able to guess otherwise.

Mavrck was seen putting 689 creators through a survey to see how much they really earn. And these are the latest findings that were unveiled.

For starters, more than 50% earn less than $500 each month, and keeping in mind today’s altering economic landscape, this is major news. Moreover, half of those that took part in the study were aged between 18 to 24. And the majority actually belonged to the female gender, with figures going as high as 86%. Meanwhile, some were outlined as being nano and micro in nature. We even saw their audience ranging between 5k to 50k.

Moreover, the creators in this study did mention how they were getting chances to make revenue through a series of top-brand deals and the revenue they were earning this year was definitely way more than the previous one. Similarly, the study proved how so many creators had larger figures for Reels on the Instagram app, including posts. And that was proven to be greater for TikTok and even YouTube which is definitely major news.

Still, so many brand deals, as well as earnings, were increasing as a whole. Close to 51% mentioned how they were generating an income comprising of just $500 and even less per month through their posts. And then we saw just 4% claiming they were earning close to 10k a month.

But experts claim that creators can really make more if they go above and beyond the classic brand deals. The rise in revenue due to affiliate work was proven to be a leading income source for these creators and stats proved how it rose from 47% to a whopping 56% this year. But at the same time, it came at the cost of a fall in sponsored content.

Affiliate marking is the name given to a term where creators simply share links that would assist in producing commission, depending on how much sales as well as traffic is generated through the content.

Other creators in the study spoke about generating revenue through ads, similar to YouTube’s Partner Program. This pays creators a chunk of revenue through any ads that were put on their content. Meanwhile, close to 25% spoke about making revenue through creator funds like TikTok’s Creator Fund.

A mere 15% highlighted how they make money through paid subscriptions. And those who did generate revenue through paywalled content spoke about Patreon being their common option. Other than that, paid live streams, newsletters, and OnlyFans were other means through which creators were getting money.

On average, creators spoke about charging a figure that was between $1 to $10 every month for such content. But one other final means for revenue generation was sales through merchandise where close to 15% of creators were making funds.

We’re not saying that the creator economy is in recession but studies like these are a great eye-opener as to what’s taking place in the world today.

As are other parts of the economy, even the creator one is trying to put out a response against the growing recession that keeps getting worse with more layoffs. Therefore, some are trying hard to diversify their income streams and make the most of the current situation.

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