Snapchat’s Latest Report Highlights 8 Million Monthly Users In Australia

Tech giant Snapchat is putting out the latest statistics about its growth in users as per region and you might be surprised at how the monthly user figures for Australia have peaked at 8 million.

The news came with further mentioning of how the audiences interested the most are actually those of the younger age group. This included some more insights about usage and we’ve covered them for you below.

Today, the app has reached a whopping 80% of those arising in the 13 to 24 year age bracket. Meanwhile, 75% of the rest are from the 13 to 34-year age bracket in the Australian nation.

And while we may have assumed that it’s Gen Z who adored the app the most, a whopping 45% of users in the country are above the age of 25. Moreover, users of Snapchat in Australia visit the app close to 40 times each day so they can socialize with pals and loved ones while watching highlights at the same time.

They might also see some popular shows or share memories of their journeys.

We also saw how close to 60% of those arising from the Australian community tend to interact with AR lenses through the app on a daily basis. And they really do wish to be creative in this regard, enjoying themselves, and purchasing products linked to their favorite businesses.

These stats for engagement are awfully similar to what we’ve seen arise in different parts of the world too. Today, Germany has close to 15 million people using the app while the UK has 21 million. Moreover, the stats related to regional figures also provide insight into how the app’s usage may be increasing across the board as the combined figure for the US and Canada region is 101 million.

As can be witnessed through the charts, the growth continues to slow to a great extent in the EU and American region, and now, the app is reporting most of the growth in users arising from other regions of the world.

Of particular interest was India where more and more people are becoming aware of online technology as enhanced connectivity means expanding in that part of the world.

While we agree that figures for using the app monthly and those linked to using it daily can’t really be compared head to head, one thing is for sure. With a whopping 383 million daily activities and 750 million monthly activities, Snap should be proud of its performance.

North America has close to 190 million alone while the EU markets have 180 million, while the figures for other parts of the world stand at 380 million with India occupying a whopping 200 million users alone.

Australia is going to be a part of the figures that come under the Rest of the World label too and it’s awfully interesting to see the figures for region-wise alter with time. A lot of that is also linked to the various types of campaigns that showcase how more users are willing to engage through the app now than before.

Today, the engagement seen on Snap is really high for those who are teenagers while the platform does confirm to see better performance in the Asia Pacific region than all others combined, with special mention of India again.

As one can imagine, the company has really come forward in terms of change. There was a time when the firm didn’t wish to expand to nations like India as the CEO felt it was not targeting ‘poor countries’.

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