Snapchat’s New AI Feature Called Dreams Is All Set To Experiment With AI Images

Snapchat is all set to venture further with its experiments in the world of AI. And its latest move regarding this endeavor is the launch of its Dreams initiative.

It was only recently that we heard about the company rolling out its own AI chatbot that was able to generate responses not only with text but also with a single Snap. Now, the new Dreams rollout is set to focus on creating pictures through AI and while it’s still in the experimental phase, it sounds promising.

Furthermore, the pictures would entail users and their loved ones all placed against imaginary backgrounds.

The organization says it’s doing everything in its power to make the most of AI technology by launching more features that can assist users of the app take selfies or post them on the platform too. This produces more images of the user in any setting that they can think of. And we can see it bears a striking resemblance to other picture apps that are offering similar ordeals.

The perfect example happens to be Remini which was seen going viral in July of this year after users of the popular social media app TikTok saw how they could put their selfies and get very professional appearing headshots for the LinkedIn app. And that meant saving hundreds that would otherwise be spent for a professional photographer’s shoot to attain similar results.

But social media giant Snap is not keen on putting out headshots. Instead, they are looking at Dreams as the ultimate means for producing selfies through AI so that you can put pictures in unique scenarios and settings.

The only requirement here is the use of very clear and crisp selfies and not any of those where the face is obstructed or people start intruding inside. Moreover, experts feel various angles and lighting is necessary so that the best results can be produced through this app. And it’s simple to use and can instruct any user with sheer ease.

Other than the user including themselves in such a feature, the firm is also rolling out Dreams with Friends. The latter is designed to provide friends with permission to produce similar AI pictures, having both themselves and the user as a part of it.

While it would be for free right now, new reports claim that it could soon be charged at any other point in time, making it a great source of revenue across the board.

We saw the feature first get spotted by social media experts during the start of the spring season, thanks to help from Alessandro Paluzzi. He explained how such a feature would help Snapchat users put forward their aspirations in the world of generative AI.

The rollout would certainly be getting a leading position in the app, probably within the likes of Stories and the Camera.

But now, seeing more developments take center stage with Dreams, we can see how quickly the app is moving ahead with the idea of experimenting with AI for pictures.

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