Meta Is Launching New Features For Threads To Combat Declining User Engagement

The latest on Threads is that user engagement continues to be in decline but the question on people’s minds is what Meta is doing to counteract this finding.

New reports are going as far as mentioning how it’s proving to be an absolute struggle for the tech giant to get back on track with the explosive start it had with millions of signups. After all, most people are returning back to those platforms that they adore to the core.

But that does not mean Meta is giving up its hopes just yet. The company, as promised by CEO Zuckerberg, is working its way toward creating new functionalities for Threads. And we thought to highlight them below for our readers.

For starters, the Threads team is trying to launch voice posts. The latter would be a unique way to establish connections through the app.

The news comes to us thanks to social media expert Alessandro Paluzzi. He provided examples that displayed how users on the Twitter rival platform would be given the chance to link voice clips as well as pictures with videos to produce better content.

Now you must be wondering what’s the big deal right? Well, it might not seem like a huge thing for those in the West because here is where voice notes are deemed to be integral when you’ve got people speaking all sorts of languages. But the masses can’t write everything so fluently so they resort to voice clips to get their points across.

In places like India, you’ve got more than 100 different kinds of languages up for grabs. And yes, people do learn to express themselves in several audio variations, the rates of literacy aren’t too high. For this reason, voice notes are being served as the most practical means, maximizing social apps for so many individuals around the globe.

Hence, you might need to think twice when refusing to mention it as a major feature because only things like this can give rise to bigger adoption.

On the other hand, we’re seeing the heads at Meta speak about the latest desktop version of the Threads platform coming too. And that’s already delineated to be in the testing phase so it’s only days before we say it’s launch to the masses.

During the start of this week, Adam Mosseri has spoken about several bugs coming in the way with Threads on the desktop. So when users asked when they would expect it, he simply said soon.

The benefit of this desktop version of Threads is giving users such as those in the media a greater chance to stay active on the platform. After all, it would now be on your screen, and among the large volumes of workflow coming in, there would be fewer chances to miss upon offering the app a glimpse through this means. And no one would want to miss out on the chance of getting greater engagement, right.

In other news, Threads will soon attain more additions to better functionality. This entails a new tab that’s designated for Reposts on a person’s profile. Such would help to see what users are sharing, other than the same old content and responses that we’re witnessing for a while. Moreover, reposts would also entail a feed that’s labeled with the term Following. This would behave in a manner like retweets and pick up benefits of greater engagement along the way.

There is also an update on Threads getting more support for hashtags as Mosseri has been wanting to lean in this direction for quite some time now. Every tag would be included in your quest for searching text. And it certainly makes so much sense but what we’re keen on seeing is if it’s going to include tags that can be clicked with links when compared to the classic questions for text.

There’s a huge doubt in people’s minds if such changes are really all that’s required to bring the app back to life. There is a huge fall in users and the app just struggles to attain momentum on social media. Just this past week, recent stats spoke of usage on Threads falling by a whopping 79%. So today, figures stand close to just 576k.

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