LinkedIn’s New ‘AI At Work’ Report Analyzes Important AI Trends To Highlight Key Shifts

The world of generative AI has been taking a toll on plenty of professions around the globe. And if you happen to be on the lookout for ways through which your own development and skills can benefit in the world of AI, then no need to look any further.

LinkedIn is giving its users some worthwhile insights into this subject through the launch of a new report called AI at Work. This is designed to stare at some integral trends in AI, all depending on data taken from the platform. Moreover, it’s like putting important shifts into the limelight.

The entire report may be downloaded and the company has gone as far as mentioning how this would be a part of a quarterly series. But through such a post, some integral aspects would be looked at in detail.

For starters, the app is putting out general overviews regarding the latest trends that arise through AI. LinkedIn claims that it’s not simply job postings that continue to increase but also the figure for members who include AI as an integral part of their subset. On average, there’s a 21-time rise in the figure for job postings in the English language that speaks of rising AI technologies like ChatGPT. As per recent stats, the figure for AI workers happened to be nine times greater than what was witnessed in 2016 around the world.

Moreover, the report also indicated how 47% of those hailing from the US in leading executive positions felt AI was enhancing productivity. And that’s quite a scary ordeal as it pinpoints firms using AI tools to lessen their reliance on human labor.

Similarly, Generative AI tools are quite assistive. They need the right kind of human input to make the most of their significance and make sure accuracy is at its peak. Therefore, the fears of you losing out on AI aren’t too much right now.

As can be witnessed through a recently published overview in regards to a chunk of the plan to reduce roles due to greater AI adoption, it was seen how most people don’t even know how great AI can be for their firm. It’s going to take a while for things to come into play and for people to utilize the greatest efficacy of these tools. And as the latter takes time to get better, we can only hope for the best.

Furthermore, this report is looking at the exact place where AI skills stand. Depending on the profile changes made through LinkedIn, there’s a bigger adoption of AI in so many sectors across the board.

Similarly, we’re seeing some leading roles get affected by more and more people using AI and how greatly AI can provide assistance. But yet again, we’re seeing how the report speaks of how AI tools cannot get rid of the roles as a whole. However, they’re providing the right type of assistance in a huge manner that could empower professionals better to carry out their duties.

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