Google Begins Experimenting With Paid Versions Of Its Customer Support Program For Advertisers

Search engine giant Google is currently taking part in a testing phase for a new feature that would entail customer support for Google ads being offered as a paid program.

Therefore, all those advertisers on the platform that make use of Google ads for their own benefit might be required to pay to carry on using the service.

The company is calling the test its latest paid pilot and that means even small clients would be provided with support on an individual basis regarding ads that are customized to fit their particular requirements.

Tech giant Google failed to delineate more on this subject but one spokesperson of the firm did end up emailing the news to media outlet Search Engine Land to highlight this action.

The company claims the initiative has been launched after it got customer feedback. Seeing Google Ads test out a paid program appears to be its latest move to enhance the client’s experience with ads and rethink its business model regarding it too.

Moreover, such kind of support would provide small-scale clients a certain type of support from its biggest clients. Meanwhile, search engine giant Google did mention how such kinds of changes are a part of the whole process in the long term that they hope to design in the near future. And that can be taken negatively as it means we could soon be seeing bigger clients be forced to pay for such services in the near future for something as small as support.

For now, the feature is just an experiment and therefore it will not be up for grabs for smaller advertisers. However, the tech giant could work its way over time and allow for an expansion when the paid pilot phase is done with.

The company also unveiled how several agencies that work directly with users would be a part of this experiment and it would hence schedule special consultations that were paid for and based according to the particular needs of certain clients.

Google also provided screengrabs that give a clear indication of what the feature would appear like when displayed on the company’s Ads interface. It was outlined by a particular user through the X platform who spotted it first.

Just a single appointment regarding the support program would cost close to $50 for a single call. And the time limit outlined would be close to 45 minutes. But just remember that this is just an example and nothing is fixed for the moment. It could and would certainly change as necessary.

Now the next part is linked to what the reaction would be from the community. And that began a whole new forum discussion on the X app. People called it out as bizarre behavior and not at all something that any advertiser would enjoy jetting out funds for.

Others added how hiring a consultation agency makes sense but paying advertising networks to attain support of your advertising platform is uncalled for. What do you think?

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