LinkedIn Gives Job Seekers Better Ways To Highlight Their Skills Through The App

LinkedIn has been winning the hearts of users across the globe and this next rollout is just another example of why it reigns supreme in terms of professional networking.

The app is now turning to give job seekers a more productive means through which they can highlight their professional skills on the app. And that indirectly means a better chance to attain a job than before.

For starters, the platform is including an innovative feature in its About section where users can tag their top five professional skills.

The company provided an example of this where the highlighted skills would be in prime focus for recruiters to go through with ease, providing them less time to make a decision and giving the job seeker a better means of displaying their strengths before anything else.

It may also be the best answer for queries linked to a certain position’s suitability for a specific member. Similarly, LinkedIn says that all members will be given the chance to alter their skills to better suit a role or position that they’re currently applying to, adding diversity of a whole new kind.

In addition to that, the company is also including a tab for media-rich material through its Projects tab. This is where you may tag projects that require skills, giving another brilliant means to display your great skills to others.

The app released a statement today regarding the changes. It mentioned how photographers may wish to link their portfolios online and put any other hard skills including various editing software like Photoshop in the spotlight and soft skills like Collaboration.

This is just a great way to point directly toward specific skills that assist in boosting a person’s appeal and giving rise to more opportunities that anyone can benefit from.

We also saw the platform make edits to the Credentials feature by allowing members to include skills near any specific credential. It’s also busy revamping the skills on display which may be found through platforms belonging to recruiters. This would highlight any project that a person has put effort into and which skills were used to ensure it was successful.

These types of updates are very useful for those in need of jobs as they put their best on display and help to separate from all others. It also shows how they are fair against a particular role in question and even provides some great markers on the app, assisting with the process of using the best skills for the best purpose.

Whatever the case may be, we feel this is a great way to attain the attention of any firm that’s hiring or searching for a great candidate for a particular role. And it also assists in shortlisting the long lines of applicants to a smaller figure, as only the best get selected in the end, depending on what they bring to the table.

For instance, the HR department would be delegated the task of reviewing hundreds of people. But after going to the About section of every applicant’s profile, it would end up taking way too much time which recruiters always are running short on.

With the addition of relevant skills to the profile, you’re not only ensuring your chances of getting selected but also saving up on time that other employers would otherwise lose. Hence, we feel it’s a wonderful way to ensure that the best stands out, depending on the position’s needs.

What do you think about these useful updates regarding better job searches by LinkedIn over time?

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