iPhones May Be The Frontrunner In The Smartphone Market But Android Models Are The Most Economical

The popularity surrounding Apple’s iPhone is at an all-time high and that’s why it’s reigned as a front-runner in today’s smartphone market.

However, when it comes down to pricing, it’s the Android variants that continue to be the most affordable for users around the globe, thanks to the large mix of Galaxy variants.

A new report was published recently by Omdia that spoke about which phones are a part of the top 10 mobile phone markets today when considering the first part of 2023. We’re not surprised to see iPhone maker Apple attain the top four positions while the iPhone 14 Pro Max seems to be a clear frontrunner.

This particular model had a staggering 26.5 million units shipped while the iPhone 14 Pro had 21 million and came at a close second position. Next, it was the iPhone 14 and then the iPhone 13. After completing the top four positions, its Android made its way to fifth position with its Galaxy A14 which had 12.4 million units sold. Next came A14 5G, followed by Galaxy A545G.

There was just one Android flagship model that made the top 10 for shipments during the initial part of 2023. And that happened to be the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The phone that rounded up the list of top 10 models happened to be the iPhone 11 which had sales comprising 6.9 million units.

Apple had more than five of its models make the list of top smartphones of 2023 so far. But in 2022, it was both Samsung and Xiaomi that took up the six positions in the list. Other than that, we saw two Redmi phones make the list in addition to the usual budget models of Samsung and its Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It’s definitely putting out a clear-cut pattern but you need to remember that Android remains the most economical model today. But as far as premium phones are concerned, the popularity surrounding Apple is unmatched by all others.

But the esteemed top 10 had Android just getting one flagship tier smartphone included. And despite that, we’re not seeing Samsung growing. To better put things into perspective, the Galaxy S23 Ultra had a whopping 200k fewer units getting sold when compared to the S22 Ultra, during the same timeframe in 2022.

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