Instagram Will Soon Have A New Feed Dedicated To Posts From Meta Verified Users Only

Meta’s Instagram is working hard to attain a new feed that would showcase posts from those that come under the Meta Verified Subscription.

The news was unveiled through a leaked screenshot this week that arose with the assistance of reverse engineering technology, thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi who reported the findings.

This new feed option would be seen right below the app’s Following and Favorite tabs.

At the moment, the platform enables users to witness a long stream of images as well as Reels, and Videos that arise from all Instagram users and any creators that they’re following. Similarly, they may also shift toward a more customized option that would only put out content from those they’ve clicked as their favorites.

Right after we saw X undertake the process of rolling out a verification program, tech giant Meta could not keep calm and opted to do the same for its own apps including Instagram and Facebook. This initiative was dubbed Meta Verified.

This came at a price point of $12 each month, in case you want the blue-colored tick on your profile if subscribed through the web. But if done directly through the app, it would come at a price point of $15 per month.

Additionally, all users getting the verified status would simile attain some perks worth a mention. This includes Stories and Reels receiving exclusive stickers. Similarly, they would attain tech support, and a whopping 100 starts each month which they can allot to their favorite content creators when they wish to say thank you.
The only catch seemed to be having separate subscriptions for the Instagram and Facebook apps if you want a blue-colored tick on each. However, if you subscribed to Instagram, your Threads account would receive it automatically. And if you subscribed to Facebook, Messenger would attain it too.

For now, there isn’t any timeline allocated in terms of when we’ll be seeing the new Meta Verified initiative arise for Instagram. But it still remains uncertain if the content would be put out through verified accounts that users already follow or from those that they’re not following too.

Other than that, we also saw how Instagram might be working on another rollout linked to Live Notes. But the details are very scarce as put out by Paluzzi so we’ll just need to be a little more patient.

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