New Study Claims YouTube Is More Popular Than TikTok Among Those In Search Of New Book Reads

Just when you thought TikTok was the most popular social media platform of them all comes a new study that’s providing some very useful insight on the subject.

YouTube has triumphed as a leader when it comes to the most popular app for those in search of a good book read. The study by Nielsen BookData took a lot of people by surprise with its findings and we’re covering them for you below.

The company which is known for providing insights on the UK’s Bestsellers list recently carried out research in November of last year which proved how 34% of the population that was between the age group of 14 to 25 explored for new books through YouTube, instead of TikTok.

While TikTok ranked second at 32% and Instagram third at 27%, you need to understand that no proved to be a huge competition for YouTube that was a clear front-runner. Furthermore, the study proved that most retailer websites for books had 33% more visits by respondents than the rest. And that information came after more speculations grew regarding BookTok which is a place allocated on TikTok for avid bookworms that can’t get enough of books galore. This is also where they’re fed with the best recommendations out there for reading.

It drove sales of a few authors and specific themes to new heights and is certainly a very popular avenue on the app. But when you compare it to YouTube, it still failed to attract the same amount of attention that the popular video-sharing platform received.

People run to YouTube and discuss all sorts of favorite books with unique titles and some more hauls about things they recently purchased.

Shockingly, YouTube held its position as the most utilized webpage for any reason, with close to 71% of people paying regular visits and having no regret or guilt for it.

There is so much high usage that it’s not a huge surprise for experts that people go to it for book recommendations too.

The study also quizzed participants regarding book searches conducted offline and they found that both the techniques that led the pack were from YouTube again. Close to 41% of the respondents found books via friends while the remaining 36% got recommendations by physically entering a bookstore.

In the year 2022, a group in the UK purchased a whopping 61 million books at a startling price of 496 million pounds and that was a representation of 18% of the entire market. Moreover, the survey saw that 45% of people who responded from that age group were reading on a fun basis on a weekly schedule. Meanwhile, the study proved that 17% did the reading for leisure purposes only. Among the most popular activities conducted, it was social media that really took up most people’s time and people really did enjoy using it.

Furthermore, the study highlights the popular themes for every age group. And it was fantasy and adventure for most while crime, science, and funny came in second as popular themes for reading.

People who participated in the study also shed light on how reading can be improved and how more people can be guided to read as compared to wasting time online. This includes providing books that were more appealing, limiting time on social media, and encouraging a daily reading routine.

Those who did purchase books mentioned how a lot of it had to do with what was written in the description and if that appealed to their minds, they were all aboard to purchase the book and incorporate it into their daily reading schedule.

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