Alarming New Research Says YouTube Continues To Track Kids Through Its Video Ads

The latest study by Adalytics is shedding light on YouTube’s ongoing behavior to track children through ads placed in videos.

The leading research company says its study analyzed several marketing campaigns for brands and that’s where they found this activity to be on the rise. Videos were actually getting labeled as designed for children and it’s baffling to see this occurring.

Some of the leading ads were highlighted as arising from Fortune 500 where so many marketing agencies were getting linked to content designed for kids online. And that entails some of the most famous channels we see in today’s time like Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes, ChuChu, and more.

Due to such actions, data brokers as well as advertising tech firms were getting data through such viewers and ended up tracking their actions, the firm continued to mention.

Therefore, YouTube and its parent company are potentially taking part in actions that violate the famous COPPA law that’s designed to protect kids online. It further requires actions to attain permission from parents, right before they attain data from those who are below the age of 13. This is solely for things like advertisements.

Additionally, it’s going to be the second time that we see the platform getting bashed for violating this Children’s Law. In case you might not be aware, we saw something similar arise in the year 2019 when Alphabet stood for Google and its YouTube app and was accused of violating the law.

Therefore, to settle it out, the company was told to jet out a whopping $170 million and it did. Other than that, it had to say yes to a consent form that spoke about preventing the platform from putting out ads that were designed to track kids.

For now, Google is yet to comment on the alarming matter highlighted by this recent research. But speculations are on the rise where the tech giant is calling out the matter as one that’s filled with flaws and extremely misleading.

Other than that, it’s not just YouTube that’s probably engaged in such actions as new reports are hinting at how other tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, and even software firm Microsoft would be attaining such data related to kids as well.

Furthermore, this study highlighted how so many advertisers didn’t wish for commercials to be played for kids but there are times when you’ll see Google setting out controls for its software that are designed in a manner that you cannot avoid it.

After the news broke out, we saw one Democrat Senator mention through a letter that was addressed to the FTC regarding an investigation of the platform regarding these violations.

It delineated in detail how such actions cannot keep arising for obvious reasons and youngsters can’t be treated in this manner where their consent is not taken regarding data tracking and others are benefiting from the actions.

The Senator feels the FTC must step in as soon as possible and take matters into its own hands before it's too late. Similarly, calls for Congress to pass legislation and keep youngsters protected online at all times is another suggestion that was highlighted.

In the end, the letter added how the government is all set to work alongside the Commission and ensure they’re protected at all times. Additionally, calls for updates to the COPPA law from 1998 were even stressed as many feel that the digital world has really advanced and staying in touch with growing social media trends, is necessary.

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