Cracking the Code: How X Thrives Amidst Rivals and Musk's Magic

The audience always welcomes the evolution or update in social media, or this is what we assume? A comprehensive report draws insights from a survey encompassing more than 1,200 U.S. social media users aged 18 to 60-plus. It investigates the present situation of X (formerly known as Twitter) under Elon Musk's ownership and assesses the influence of Meta's recently announced text-based competitor, Threads.

Following Musk's takeover of Twitter in October 2022, the site underwent a series of changes, including the launch of a premium membership service. The study, which took place from July 15 to 16, included over 1,200 US social media users aged 18 to 60-plus, with the goal of revealing the consequences of these changes.

According to the report, 66.9% of active users have a daily feed check practice. Users aged 45-60 appear to be the most loyal customers, with a clear preference for X over Threads.

"Daily feed checks by 66.9% of active users showcase X's enduring importance," noted Ted Murphy, CEO and Founder of IZEA. He further highlighted, "Moreover, 38.8% of active users tweet daily, cementing the platform's position as a real-time conversation hub. Notably, influencers outshine others, posting 5.2 times more frequently."

The study focuses on usage trends as well as the factors that influence account retention or discontinuation. The majority of users use X for news and events, and the site also serves as a 24-hour entertainment provider.

Despite the recent turbulence, 70% of respondents saw X as a desirable location for both companies and influencers. Influencers are exceptionally enthusiastic, with 81% reporting that they have posted or intend to publish sponsored material on X.

Among the key results are:
  • 44% of all social media users have active X accounts that they have utilized in the last year.
  • With 24.7%, users aged 18 to 29 are the most likely to deactivate or delete their Twitter accounts.
  • A whopping 66.9% of users who have been active in the last year check their feeds on a daily basis.
  • Influencers are 5.2 times more likely than average users to post regularly.
  • Over 70% of people think X is a good place for influencers and companies.
  • Individuals aged 45-60 are the most likely to have a current paid membership.
  • Influencers are nine times more likely than the general public to have a paid membership.
  • Active X users in the last year are 3.6 times more likely to say Elon Musk's ownership boosts their platform usage.
  • Elon Musk's ownership was highlighted as a cause by 56% of individuals who cancelled or canceled their accounts in the last year.
  • Users between the ages of 45 and 60 who have both X and Threads accounts choose X over Threads.
This extensive analysis demonstrates X's tenacity, especially in the face of ownership changes and the arrival of competing platforms. The user affinity for X, as seen by their daily interaction and preferences, cements the platform's position as a vibrant and prominent social media platform.

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