Twitter’s Parent Firm X Corp Takes Legal Action Against Four Unknown Entities Over Data Scraping On the App

X Corp, which happens to be the parent firm of Twitter has reportedly filed a lawsuit against four unknown identities regarding data scrapping activity on the app.

Elon Musk had specified a few weeks back how Twitter had zero tolerance against anyone taking part in the activity whose figures were up massively, as outlined by expert stats. This was the justification he provided for limiting the number of posts and making sure all members were logged in to the app.

For those who might not be aware, data scraping is the term used to describe an activity where automated programs scavenge all possible websites for data with ease due to having free access. This information is used at a later point in time for a wide array of uses such as AI model training, advertisements, and a lot more.

X Corp today hopes to seek a whopping $1 million in regard to the damages it feels it has undergone due to this illegal activity that is linked to residents in the American state of Texas. Moreover, the case has gone on to reveal how defendants even went as far as issuing contracts with some top facilities where data processing took place.

Moreover, the firm says it’s yet to determine the true identity of such people as per the filing but lawyers of the company did go about listing down several IP IDs instead of the real names of those it feels are responsible for the wrongdoing.

While in most places across America, the activity involving data scraping is outlined as being legal when it has to do with data that is generally available for public use and can be attained with easy access. This was part of a breakthrough ruling that came out last year, citing a very long lawsuit that involved LinkedIn which also raised concern on the matter.

The decision taken was that data scrapping does not go against the country’s law for computer fraud or even any abuse being carried out.

Today, after seeing the petition get launched by Musk’s X Corp, we can see how he’s got a lot of concerns on the matter and is not willing to let go of it so easily. He feels the level are outrageously high for Twitter and that its systems are being manipulated.

He also spoke about how the limits for viewing posts and tweets on the Twitter platform would continue until a proper solution on the matter is found. So those who are unregistered need to signup or else they’ll be prevented from gaining access soon.

For now, it’s not quite clear if the app has tried to block any IP IDs from engaging in illegal forms of data scraping that it feels is wrong. But he did reiterate that those carrying out the behavior are going against X Corp’s clearly outlined policies and terms of service that forbid activity of this nature.

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