OpenAI Under Fire As FTC Begins Probe For False Information Allegations Against ChatGPT

American regulators are not happy with OpenAI after striking allegations arose against the company regarding its ChatGPT tool.

This was linked to a high risk of the program giving out false information. Therefore, a letter was sent to the company that spoke about relevant data and how the company poses certain risks such as these that really put an individual’s reputation at stake.

The probe is a clear indication of how many AI platforms will no longer be given the benefit of the doubt or be spared when such allegations come forward. But the firm’s CEO Sam Altman says it’s working side by side with the FTC to make sure it gets all the necessary answers it needs to complete its investigation.

ChatGPT is famous for producing replies that are very real as if it was generated from a human and not an AI chatbot. But that comes with its fair share of risks including misinformation and without people even knowing, they’re tricked into believing something of the sort in a matter of seconds. The same thing would take you minutes or more when using traditional aspects linked to search.

This is why experts fear the world of AI is going to change the way we all attain data when carrying out online searches. Moreover, this is another reason why one firm’s downfall could be another great opportunity for a new startup to fill in the loops offered by ChatGPT. And so far, no one has come too close to make it feel threatened but you never know.

There is a huge debate that surrounds whether or not the information being put out is real and if yes, how accurate is it? Similarly, other aspects worth a mention include whether or not the firm is going against its own policy and training its AI model using data that belongs to others. If yes, that’s another matter altogether.

In the letter that was sent over to OpenAI, we are seeing how the company was also quizzed about how much potential it has to produce replies about real people that are actually fake, damaging, and harmful.

For now, the FTC says it is also keen on seeing which measures OpenAI takes in terms of protecting data and ensuring it remains private. Similarly, how it uses data to train its models is another keen area under observation.

But the company’s CEO says it’s got nothing to hide. For years, they claim to be spending more and more time and funds to ensure the system is safe and that all research carried out is in line with its rules and regulations. They also vow to keep their users as a top priority, as confirmed through a recently published tweet on the Twitter app.

Another post generated by the firm added how confident it felt that it was behaving in line with the laws of the country and that is why they are open to all investigations and scrutiny by anyone including the FTC.

During the start of this year, we saw the OpenAI CEO delineate further in front of Congress how AI technology, including that of ChatGPT, was prone to errors. Therefore, he requested more laws in place to ensure such an industry could better regulate what’s taking place as that would be in everyone’s best interest.

Altman similarly spoke about how the AI sector can have profound effects on so many things including people’s future and career prospects and since there is a lot at stake, he was vocal about how better regulations must be added. And that’s why we’re seeing this new probe take place right now.

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