Twitter’s Loss Led To Bluesky And Truth Social’s Gain As Hundreds Of Thousands Flocked To Alternative Apps

The previous weekend was not a great ordeal for Twitter. We saw users of the platform receiving so many errors popping across their screens and the feed was very confusing.

Then we saw Elon Musk speaking about how the app was under attack by data scrapers and the goal was to stop calamity from arising by adding limits. As expected, people were not happy.

No one wishes to be restricted while using the Twitter app and as a whole, things started to get lifted all at once and people began to complain about how they could not make use of the platform.

So many complaints were being generated on the platform and people needed to find another place where they could carry on with their respective scrolling in other places. The frustration kept on growing and at that time, we saw that Meta’s Threads had not even launched yet. So the question is where did all those individuals who were expressing so much frustration end up going?

A few moved on to Truth Social while others popped on over to Bluesky and then some even to the platform called Mastodon.

Now, installations of such alternatives continued to grow and by the weekend, you’ll be shocked to learn how a massive 400,000 installations arose in those few days. And some records were even broken as Sunday saw the biggest day for downloads since such apps were rolled out.

So Twitter’s loss was another man’s gain for sure.

But the app that shocked some experts is Mastodon. Most individuals and experts assumed that would be experiencing the biggest increase in followers but the opposite stood true. It grew in the least figure. For instance, in the past, it was 1000 and that jumped to 18,000 and then 67,000, which is when Sunday approached.

The figure dropped by Monday but when you compared it to other average days, it was considerably greater and that’s a big win.

Mastodon says it was downloaded nearly 166,000 times from the stores as per stats. It’s a high but not as high as expected when compared to the month of November when we saw tech giant Elon Musk take charge.

The second winner from Twitter’s loopholes was none other than Bluesky. It got downloaded between the figures of 66,000 to 118,000 across the weekend as per the stats outlined. And Sunday happened to be one day that the app gained its greatest amount of success.

Bluesky saw figures comprising 353K and along the way, it managed to go above its figure for one million. For now, it’s still an app that is run based on invites only. But if we had to pick out one platform that really made the most of this Twitter saga, it was Truth Social. The latter is former US President Donald Trump’s platform.

For now, the app is being called out and investigated for allegations regarding defrauding. It got installations that grew by 5000% and even added nearly 25,000 to 211,000 new people from the download stores as per recent stats from App Intelligence.

The app saw a growth comprising nearly 462,000 new members and that’s the biggest growth among them all. But it was Bluesky who received the biggest downloads ever for its platform even though it did not anticipate it.

Clearly, this happened to be a major week for making big records on various platforms in the world of social media and now that we see Threads out and about, we’re not quite sure when some of this sort and this magnitude could arise again.


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