Most Downloaded Apps In The World In Review: How Well Did AI Do?

The stats for the most downloaded platforms from all over the globe were released by AppFigures and you’ll be amazed at how June was all about AI at its best.

Are we surprised? Not one bit because after the launch and response of ChatGPT from OpenAI, it’s clear that people were very intrigued.

ChatGPT turned out to be one of the most installed platform from the American App Store and that lasted for a couple of weeks. Soon, we saw it get dethroned and it was replaced by the famous Rebranding of HBO Max.

Coming to the list of June 2023, it was Instagram that reigned supreme and turned out to be the most downloaded app from around the globe. It’s all thanks to App Intelligence who display a massive 48 million figure for installations while TikTok was barred from countries like India. This might be the reason why Instagram did attain such a massive rise in installations for the month of June.

Coming down to the top five, it was Facebook, followed by WhatsApp, and then Capcut. It’s clear that tech giant Meta ruled the list and then we also saw Messenger come in at position number 10. It’s clear that Meta has been giving out the most than any other firm on the list.

Now the question is where the famous AI-based tool ChatGPT stands in this list. Well, when you total the results for both the App Store and the Google Play Store, it managed to reach the App Store at position four.

This used to be the same position that Google stood but June saw nearly eight million more installations as per estimates shown in a new report.

The reason why is simple. ChatGPT was launched for the sake of iOS and the fact that two months have passed by and it’s still only up for grabs on the App Store and nowhere else.

As per the latest stats, the most installed applications from around the globe managed to earn a staggering 283 million new installations that arose in the month of June through both the App and Google Play Store.

The figure is several million short from what we saw in the month of May but remember, vacations are taking place and it’s clear that people would wish to stay away from smart devices so there is not a lot to worry about.

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