Instagram’s Decision To Steal Twitter’s Blue Verification Idea Proves Successful As App Records $15M In Revenue

The start of the year saw critics call out Elon Musk’s app for adopting the blue verification plan. Many were skeptical about whether or not it would work out, let alone bring in revenue for the app.

But Meta’s Instagram really made the effort to copy the plan put out by Twitter and now, recent stats claim that it has proved to be fruitful. And that’s because the company has recorded a massive net revenue comprising $15 million. Hence, the feature was definitely worth a copy, we believe.

Instagram’s initiative that’s dubbed Meta Verified was launched in March of this year and it really ended up gaining some major returns where revenue first tripled and then quadrupled. Moreover, the platform’s in-app revenue was seen really going places at the App Store by Apple.

Now before this initiative was rolled out, the platform ended up making a great earning for Meta through the sales of things like badges and another pilot program that was similar to Twitter where users get subscription options for leading creators.

The interesting part is how Verifications by Instagram are very much like Twitter which was rolled out across the US and cost nearly $15 each month when a purchase was made across the platform. The figures for revenue increased immediately.

When you look at the net revenue both before and after Instagram verifications were rolled-out, there’s a huge change. Millions have been generated in the following months after its launch and that excludes sales of things like badges and beyond. As per estimates, it’s close to $16 million in revenue.

It should be an honor for Twitter that it is the brainchild behind the rollout that has assisted Meta’s Instagram in garnering success. Clearly, it is yet to object to the news or shall we say, care less for it. But that’s not the same type of feeling it has for the idea of Threads that Meta launched with a bang on the weekend. That has attained massive success where downloads crossed 100 million in no time.

And let’s not forget how the concept of Instagram verification would transfer from the Instagram app to the Threads one so this is why critics are expecting to see even more net revenue being generated and growth arising at this speed.

H/T: App Figures

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