Twitter Threatens Meta With Lawsuit Over Its Threads App Amid Accusations Of Copying And Poaching Ex-Employees For Trade Secrets

Elon Musk is not happy with Meta’s launch of its rival app called Threads.

The platform has seen a huge amount of success in less than 24 hours. We’re talking about more than 30 million people signing up to use Threads, which surpassed the company’s own expectations regarding the response it would generate.

But now, it seems that Musk is on a mission to create a tense environment after threatening to file a lawsuit against Facebook’s parent firm. The news comes amid allegations put out by the world’s richest person that Meta not only copied Twitter but also poached its former employees into sharing trade secrets.

And when Musk was called out for being jealous and threatened by the new Threads platform, he rubbished the news and says that competition of all kinds is welcomed but cheating is not going to be tolerated.

Without a doubt, Threads is definitely similar to Twitter in so many aspects including how the posts are very similar to how Tweets are put out. Moreover, it’s all based on text and linked to users’ Instagram too but to use it, you’ll need to first download it through the Play Store or App Store.

The lawsuit was generated during the evening hours of yesterday and that’s when a top lawyer from Twitter sent the letter to Meta’s CEO over the allegations and how Twitter would now be pursuing legal action.

Both copying and unlawful misappropriation were boldly delineated as the main reasons for taking on this behavior as Twitter says both its secrets and intellectual property should never be shared as it’s a clear violation.

The company hopes Meta would take the necessary measures required to prevent some behavior from taking place now and in the future and would also stop the exchange of confidential data from being made public.

It says that the app has the right to all of its data and property and this sort of behavior has no room, the letter went on to add. In the same way, the company accused Meta of taking on board dozens of employees that used to work at Twitter, and hence the main purpose was to share the firm’s own secrets and other kinds of sensitive data.

The letter further continues to mention how Meta’s main goal was to copy Twitter’s platform and this was a clear violation of the country as well as the state’s law.

Meta has decided to provide a response to Twitter’s allegations and threat of a lawsuit. The firm’s communications director mentioned in a new letter how no employee from Twitter was ever a part or is a part of the current team working on Threads so this was absolutely baseless.

Threads have really picked up in terms of popularity as a top competitor for the famous microblogging platform, ever since we saw Musk take on the responsibility of leading the firm. But when you compare all others, Threads is definitely being called out as the most notable competitor that is a serious threat to Twitter’s downfall.

Up until now, Elon Musk has chosen to remain hush on the matter linked to the rollout of the Threads app. The CEO of Tesla has chosen to reiterate their comments on how he has zero issues linked to competition but in terms of cheating, there would be no acceptance of this behavior.

If that was not enough drama for today, we know that the company’s CEO is also not happy with the launch of Threads and was seen throwing shade at those who try to imitate the app.

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