Good News For Threads Users As Meta Will Soon Give Option For Profile Deletion

If you happen to be using Threads and regret being an active user on it and having your own account, you must have had trouble getting rid of it too.

But that is no longer going to be an issue because Meta says that it is searching for ways to delete profiles but still, there is an option to deactivate them without nuking accounts on the Instagram app.

The head of the Instagram app says that the possibility of this change coming forward would be very soon. It’s important that Meta solves this issue as soon as possible because users complained that they could not delete the account on the new app until and unless they remove the account on the Instagram app.

Adam Mosseri says Threads is run by Meta’s Instagram platform. At the moment, it only happens to be a single account but they are trying their best to get rid of the Threads account in a separate manner, he added.

As of right now, no serious details were provided in terms of the timeframe related to when we might be seeing the change taking place. But if you are really keen on deleting the account, Adam Mosseri claims that users need to keep on seeing the option for deactivation. For that, press on the opinion of profile that’s located on the bottom left and then click on the settings menu, after which you press account again.

After deactivation, you can disguise Threads and the content. Similarly, you can change the profile’s settings to private and then get rid of separate posts and threads. And this too, you can benefit from without any form of Instagram account deletion.

After deactivation of the profile, you can remove the account from appearing on the app. Hence, those making efforts to visit profiles after this change would notice the error pop up with the statement that says, Such a Page is not Available.

The only catch in this situation is that options for getting rid of a profile would simply hide all of the activity. But in all reality, the firm continues to save posts, likes, and then the responses seen across Meta’s database.

If you make the decision for account reactivation, there is a benefit because Threads would easily be able to get the data back. However, if you want to delete all the Threads activity, then that would be an issue. And that’s because you would be required to get rid of activity on your Instagram app.

Not being able to delete accounts is one of the many reasons why the tech giant is staying hush in terms of not allowing the launch of its Threads app to take place in the EU.

The region has some very strict laws in place in terms of giving users the freedom to delete their activity on platforms. Nevertheless, the popularity is still soaring as today, registrations reached up to 30 million for the app.

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