Trouble For Twitter As Meta’s Launch Of Instagram Threads Sees Mega Success After Crossing 30 Million Users In Just Few Hours

As promised, Meta has rolled out its Twitter rival, Threads, with a bang and it’s doing fabulous in terms of popularity.

The tech giant vowed to make heads turn in the tech world with the launch of Instagram Threads but little did anyone know that such a successful response would be attained in such a short amount of time.

Within a few hours, millions started to sign up for the much-anticipated messaging app that certainly looks promising and very unique. Did we mention how it’s putting Twitter on alert because this might signal the end of Elon Musk’s popular platform, after all?

Mark Zuckerberg promised that the debut would be a hit but some experts were skeptical as it was a risk, keeping in mind Twitter’s great popularity and popular fanbase that has grown bigger over the years.

But the new conversational-themed ordeal is definitely something that people are looking forward to as the initial response had people running to sign up and take on the platform as their new alternative to Twitter. Did we mention how easy it is to use?

The goal seems to capture the market that comprises app users who have received nothing but disappointment over the last few months after CEO Elon Musk purchased the firm and took on some irrational decisions.

For those who are not quite aware, Threads is up for grabs without any payment through the App and Play Store so if you’re keenly interested in getting your hands on then what are you waiting for?

The launch involved more than 100 nations but shockingly, it failed to get the green signal to be launched across the EU.

The first look of the platform is very similar in terms of visual appeal to Twitter and this is where you’ll be allowed to put up short texts which so many other individuals would like, comment, and even share as per recently published screengrabs.

In the same way, users would be given the chance to follow the exact same accounts of Threads that they’re currently following across Instagram. In the same way, they’re going to be allowed to publish posts in a way that you were used to seeing through Twitter.

Currently, the figure for Threads has gone above and beyond the 30 million figure for registrations during just the starting few hours. So many users of the app were given the chance to jump on board the Threads bandwagon through the likes of invitations that they received through Instagram directly. So it was just all so convenient.

Since Threads is directly in collaboration with the Instagram app, users can use the same names as their accounts. But you need to remember how the whole service is a totally separate entity and if you wish to gain access, you need to first download it through the App and Play Stores.

What’s interesting and the main reason behind the success of Threads is that it’s linked to Instagram so finding content, users, and user accounts would simply be a breeze as people can just add links on their Instagram profiles and stories to make others aware of the fact that they can follow them there too.

Twitter was so much more complex that you’d have to do everything from scratch and that’s not always fun, experts revealed.

But another concern that continues to arise as we speak is how safe the new platform is? The news comes as some critics feel that it might soon be a total and utter nightmare for users in terms of privacy. Remember, there is a very good reason that we’re not seeing it launch across the European Union.

The reason is believed to be linked to the fact that it’s not up to the mark in terms of fulfilling the requirements of the GDPR which is designed to keep users’ privacy and security as a leading priority.

Social media expert Matt Navarra recently conducted a poll to see what users felt about the Twitter rival Meta. And the majority of voters felt it was a clear hit and far from a miss. But again, time will tell because it’s too early to pass judgments.

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