Twitter Is Struggling With Bots And Accounts Marketing Adult Content As Experts Speak Of No Solution In Sight

Just when you thought crypto spam accounts were the worst thing that could happen to an app, new reports are speaking about Twitter going through a crisis where no easy solution seems to be in sight.

We’re talking about a long list of bots with accounts that promote adult content increasing to new heights each day. They’re bombarding users’ message inboxes and even trying to interact with them in every way possible to start a conversation. So far, no easy way out has been identified.

We know that such issues are not something awfully new but seeing the figure for adult bots rise is truly an ironic affair. Let’s not forget how tech billionaire Elon Musk has even promised in the past that he would be tackling such issues involving bots and spam after coming into power. So far, that’s yet to happen.

This past week, we saw some top security experts and other users mention that plenty of accounts that looked suspicious were getting flagged when they noticed that they were following them or trying to engage in an unwanted chat through DMs.

The experts even went on to release a tweet where they put such suspicious accounts in the limelight that they felt were trying to gain nothing but their own benefits as likes. This way, it would lure more people to view their accounts and allow them to press on links that had been enlisted across their specific bio.

Such links would cause the viewer to land on a suspicious site including those that are NSFW themed. But the app has been on alert and so are its security researchers and they’re trying to do everything in their power to suspend such accounts and prevent it from taking place.

The company says it’s playing an active role in terms of suspending such accounts that promote such bogus tactics but it’s yet to clearly outline a defined solution on the matter that would really prove to be worthwhile in the long run.

Right now, bots are turning out to be a huge issue for the firm, and without a proper plan to combat the rise in spam, things are feared to go from bad to worse. Did we mention how Elon Musk has mentioned time and time again that the app would carry on with this fight against spam until the last second?

Just a few days ago, we saw the tech billionaire mention how his goal at this moment in time was to put a limit on rates of viewing Twitter posts to assist with the alarming issue of data scraping with system manipulation.

For now, it’s just not clear if targeting bots has anything to do with this or not. But by the looks of it, we’re not quite sure if we’ll ever find out.

Before this endeavor, we saw the controversial activity of having users’ blue badges stripped if they were verified under the company’s previous criteria of being verified. But that also was very confusing because some accounts got the ticks back because they were prominent.

The point of view of Elon Musk in this regard was to tear down an age-old system and make it fair for all but again, returning blue badges to those deemed to be high profile in nature would always be questioned for obvious reasons.

So you can’t help but wonder what the purpose of verification is when some have to pay while other famous ones do not. What do you think?

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